Mountains in the shape of a maze


Hello all!

Seems like the Vue section is pretty quiet, but I’ll try my luck!

I want to create a mountain-scape in the shape of a maze. I’m pretty new to Vue but I want to see what it can do. So I started by adding a B+W image in the terrain editor and voila I have my maze right? Of course its not very organic looking. I played with some erosion settings and got something closer to my desired result… but its not good enough. I also tried opening the function editor adding my image that way, but honestly node interfaces kinda scare me.

Can anyone suggest how they might achieve this result?
In short I think I want to use an alpha for Vue to use very loosely to create some nice organic mountains (preferably like sand dunes… smooth with a ridge at the top)

I look forward to any response,

Kind regards,


You can make it a bit more organic by blurring the maze image in Photoshop or another program before using it to create terrain.