Mountain trail, Tu Yun (3D)


Title: Mountain trail
Name: Tu Yun
Country: China
Software: Maya, Photoshop

I modeled this tree, i think it should be grown aside the trail of the mountains, and i do wish it could see the sea.


That’s so good! I like the light and overall atmosphere!


I like this…alot of details…looks 2d tho which is probably what makes it so interesting to look at…



very nice work .
i like all details , beauty lighting .


amazing ! i like it


My kinda work! love it! the atmosphere, the colors… the fantasy look and feel to it.

very nice! more of the same please :wink:




Very nice! I like everything about it. Modeling, texturing, lighting, composition and render are all very good.


Awesome work! atmosphere and lighting are great!


I love how the tree looks like its just sat down after climbing up the mountain.

Great work :bounce:


So beautiful, great work.


amazing colors and composition. I like it so much.:applause:
But the perspective of the lake doesn’t look right to me.
keep on going man.


I the foreground is amazing, with much detail and the lighting is superb as it brings out the details very well. I think you could have used Vue or Terragen 2 for the background and this would have been perfect!


man i love environments like these!
love it!


Nice work with fantasy feeling!
I love the color, details and lighting!


Looks beautiful :slight_smile:

  • Ty


Very beautiful… looks like a cool dvd cover

Very artistical too




Great model, textures, lightning and at the end even better atmosphere and composition. Overall its a fantasy image. I love it!


Phantastic. Amazing overal mood and good atention to detail. I love it!

Cheers Silverwing


Oh… So pleasant picture and composition… :slight_smile: Love it… :applause:


awesome work!!