Mountain range


Hi again

Architectural structures rises from the rocky ground in the mountainrange. I`m sure the creators was inspired by their surrondings…

I dont think this image is finished quite yet. Maybe you guys have some advise/critique.
I`ll try to find some time to rap it up!..I hope


This piece is really wonderful and peaceful :slight_smile: same your last one

The only thing you should pay attention to, is the structure of your building its need extra work . try to define it more .

I like it the way it is though



you masterize landscape! wich programm do you use? (lot’s of mat painting or not?)

good one but i prefer the first.


Hi guys and thanks for your comments

I use photoshop. And a lot of my own photos. Then I compose, paint, distort and so forth… Im very fond of taking photos, and have quite a handfull of composeable pictures in stock.

Your are very right in your coments phoenix. I really hope I have time to step it up a level and make a more solid building design and 3d-render.



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