Mountain Patrol, Michal Suchánek (3D)


good work with the modeling and material!!

my only critic would be that you need to improve your lighting, it almost look an indoor lighting, you can tell that by watching those black areas on the back of the red stripes or the back part of the big guy.

Which renderer did you used?

sorry for my english.


Nice job, amazing!:surprised


Very crisp and very cool. Great work.


He looks like the alchemist in warcraft 3 game.

Very nice! congrats.


Great work. My only concern is that the shadows seem too dark. With that background environment, I would expect to see more ambient light. Otherwise, cool idea.


great image and great humor!
my brother saw this image last night and said “man why do not you do such quality work!”
love it!


awesome job man,congratz!!!


cool work very good detalis , textures , modeling & light i like

good luck 4 ever :beer:


wow!!! really nice job!!!:thumbsup:


Great work!


Orcs and goblins are blase until they are done superbly. :slight_smile:


Beautiful work !

Though The big guys free hand seems a little strange in the position, it draws the eye down and out of the frame,perhaps on the horn of his belt could better lead the eye around for harmony,


or maybe grabbing the foot of the little guy,that would create a compositional circle :slight_smile:


good work!! congratulations for your front page!!


Excellent Modeling !
well done.


Whoa great stuff.


Wow! Impressive work. Congratulations


hehe nice characters, love it ! :slight_smile:


OMG! This is rlly awesome!

One of the best images i saw this year! Great work!


great character!
congra on CG Choice!
imo, the light doesn’t look like outdoor/exterior light
it needs more “bounces”/color bleeding

edit: pbx wrote here