Mountain Patrol, Michal Suchánek (3D)


Title: Mountain Patrol
Name: Michal Suchánek
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

The two longtime companions patrol the border of Windy Mountains. They are looking out of their enemy, but nobody has shown up for a very long time.


Wow. Front page stuff. You got my vote. :thumbsup:


great work, very nice modeling and character design.
On the crit side, the big guys left arm is a little blocky and could have been more smooth and organic especially on the vein and skin fold between the forearm and biceps.
beautiful pic non the less


Really a great work! I like it:thumbsup:


Love your rosehip collecting guys! Excellent work! :thumbsup:


Hi Mike,
Long time no see here :slight_smile: Let me just tell you that your last two works are great and this picture is definitely worth the choice gallery.

I like the composition and the colors. Both of the characters got a very nice expresion in their face and I also have to give you some stars for the fur that you have done :). But mostly I appreciate that feeling of some motion in the picture. It’s the feeling of the big guy chewing the dog-rose and the little one pulling his head back, like if he was saying “dont eat so much you fng lazy bastd”. And of course the flags moving in the light mountain breeze…Pure eye candy :slight_smile:

I can see you was dealing with the mental ray skin shader and i think it works very well. Maybe you could force specular maps more. But other materials in the scene doesn’t work that well imho. I’m mainly talking about the horns witch seems to me like they are only default material with bump and the dog-roses witch seems like they are copper. I am also having some problems with the anatomy of big guys the left arm. Perhaps its too stylised…

I am so glad that you gave us mortals some new picture to look on :slight_smile:
And i cant wait to see what you are cooking for the future
Cheers man


Very good! :thumbsup:


Great stuff !:thumbsup:
realy cheerful work man :beer:


This is great. I Like this a lot. The big guys face is full of character & its all very well modelled, textured, everything.

Good job!


nice stuff and very funny expressions in their faces,
like it lot


This is a really nice piece, nicely done. :slight_smile:


that’s one hell of an artwork , the characters is so a live ,:scream:fantastic and awesome:scream:


Wow, this is really impressive work, I like the softer elements in the ribbons and berries which help break up the ruggedness of the 2 main characters. Great Stuff!


top quality work


Excellent work! I love it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Awesome work. The details are great, especially the body hair. Keep up the good work!


Cool stuff! I like the characters and their expressions:thumbsup:


absolutely incredible man! The detail is amazing :thumbsup:


Top Row!!! 5*


wow… top score pice¡¡