Mountain Horse - Chinese Painting in 3d, Noj Nog (3D)


Title: Mountain Horse - Chinese Painting in 3d
Name: Noj Nog
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I’ve always liked the classical look of Chinese paintings, and tried to re-capture it in 3d.
This image is done in 3ds max, and post-work in photoshop was kept to a minimum, as i hope to make a simple animation in this style. Everything is geometry based, and with the only image used being a paper texture for the paint effect.
The render from 3ds max, without post-work, can be found here:

comments are welcome ^^


That is really awesome…I first thaught you posted in the wrong Forum…this looks really like a painting… :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the animation…


beautifull work !:arteest:


Needless to say you’ve done an awesome job capturing the style of traditional Chinese painting, really nice tone and composition, do you mind share how you did it?


thank you for commenting = ) you’re very kind :slight_smile:
@Piflik and visionmaster2: thank you :scream: lol, wrong forum? i’ll take that as a compliment

@Bignanfer: sure, i’d be happy to = ) the main technique i used for the paint effect is cloning the mesh and applying a shell modifier. The first inner mesh had an ink and paint material applied to it, and the outer mesh had a transparent falloff material applied. this mimics watercolor painting, where the paint does not follow the outline perfectly. the composition was from looking at a lot of chinese paintings = )

thanks again for taking the time to comment, i still want to work on recreating the brushstrokes in paintings before i start the animation. if anyone has ideas how to, please tell me :thumbsup:


Great work, and idea .
If you manage to animate this kind of render, if will a new step in 3D IMO ^^

This work deserves 4* at least for the work you it and for the idea there is behind it :thumbsup:


Good job! I like this render very much. It’s very inspiring.
Make sure to post it when you try to make an animation in this style. I would love to see it! :slight_smile:


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