Mountain field


here is a piece i did after my trip oversees.


It’s a nice picture, but I think you want to put it into the Finished 2D section. Unless you’re trying to evoke a mood and need advice on how to do it? If so, need more info or a story behind it.


I’m trying to understand what the cross object represents, or if it is just a stylized cross and if the area around it is like a force field type aura surrounding it and what that means


hi madness,
i’m not really sure where to focus my attention when i look at this… i’m drawn to the cross, but once i’m there i’m not given anything further… it doesn’t give me any feeling that there is any more depth of understanding to be gained from contemplating the image further…

I’m not sure i ‘get’ the shell thing around the cross… the image doesn’t, in my opinion, adequately convey what the shell/aura is

also, i’m not sure why its grassy here, and why the grass stops suddenly where the mountain starts… there should be patches of grass up the mountain… less distinction between the two…

I’ve done a quick modification (so excuse its messiness) to indicate one possible direction this could be taken in (and it totally depends upon what exactly it is you are trying to evoke)

i’ve put a character in the scene… in this instance its someone praying… but it could be anything… a dog… the messiah… dave letterman… an abstract lifeform made of plasma… a robot… something to empathise with… its not necessary, but its certainly alot easier to convey the emotions of a character within a scene than it is to convey emotions by trying to put the viewer in the scene… (and its alot easier for the viewer to empathise directly with another conscious entity)

the sky is made a little more dynamic… creates interest… adds to the religions feeling…

the blocks the cross sits upon has been given some highlight along the edge… i doubt anyone would be able to create blocks THAT perfect out of stone… (stephen stahlberg would be on yer case about this :wink: anyone know the link i’m refering to?)

softened the mountains just a tiny bit… looked very CG…

Darkenned the image overall… darkenned the edges to draw the eye inward toward the scene… tinted it slightly… lost some of the colour saturation

in 3D software, i don’t believe anyone should ever consider they are making the scene… 3D software makes elements of any scene… Just as a photographer will do alot of the artistic work in the darkroom, the 3D artist should use photoshop (and a pencil/paper) as much as any other software

An unrelenting critique i know… but thats what you’re after isn’t it? :wink: It’s got potential… keep working on it :slight_smile:



looking back, i don’t believe i had a definite focus for that shot. I agree with what you’ve done with the lighting.

The shell thingy does seem to not fit so well. It was an idea i got from seeing a antique table ornament of a dancer in a crystaline casing.

However, i was trying to give a sense of solitude by encompasing the entire field with mountain terrain and have a thick cloud canopy.

This was more or less intended to be a dream location or “happy place.” Sort of a simple private place between the view and nature/god/fillintheblank. It’s a little hard to get all that from that one shot. but the entire scene is pretty much a bowl with texture displaced mountain formations, a round field that has the structure in the center.


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