Mountain, .... (3D)


Title: Mountain
Name: …
Country: China
Software: Brazil r/s

Softwares: 3ds max5 + Brazil



wow, i would really like to know more abt this one… please bless us with some more detail on how u created this awesome piece of work… and is it 32/2d composit or u did it in all 3d… beautiful… and again i wanna know more about this… keep it up man


This is great. It looks really high. And as zapperx already said - I would also like to know more about how you did it :slight_smile:


its so good man…waow…it reminds me of the muntains of the war craft cenimatics
keep the good work on:thumbsup:




Thanks :love:


Very impressive!
Its nice to see some photoreal environments that cant be found in real life. I like it cos it looks unnatural, yet realistic


Thats amazing! I cant get over the gras and dirt, how did you do that?? Is the gras just a texture or did you use a hair system? Thats so cool!


VeryVery impressive work. I’m also interested in how you created teh foreground grass elements. Your shaders are top notch.


Fine work…as said, excellent shaders and textures.


:wink: :beer:


very excellent textures and details Franc, my only critique would be that too me, the sky texture looks a little warped and pixelated. I think a higher resolution cloudscape would make it perfect! Awesome job!


I have no words :wink: Totaly perfect… :wink:


Great!Cool how u did the grass!Looks perfect to me!



Beautifull. As has been said, a great depiction of unreal made ‘real’. Very nice lighting as well, bringing balance and harmony with the textures.

Would love to see more work like this, keep going!



Aaaaah, is that CG?


It looks like a 3d and 2d at the same time, how did you get that effect. It looks awsome.


The thumbnail of that piece doen´t reveal how beautiful it is.
You should change that, propably more people will look into this thread.


great work, and many thank for the shared technic!


Hi there,

Really nice work. The mods love it. But we can’t award this image because you didn’t submit it with your real name. it might become a CG Choice image if you do.