Motorola t720-animated reconstruction


renders here----------->


any feedback? thanks


I really like the plastic cover over the LCD, with it’s scratches and smears. looks VERY realistic there. Might want to add some of that to the main body of the phone. Correct me if i’m wrong, but the green board looks a little bumpy too me, the chip/contact lines look awesome! Might want to add some serial/writing etc in white on the board itself, though it might not be on the phone, whatever. Circuit board just looks awesome. the umm… whatever it’s called (the large flexible connector coming off of the processor looks a little weird, can’t tell if the black is painted on, or bumped… might want to work the texturing of that area (or show me a ref to see what it actually looks like). Good work so far (i’ve said it before but the circuit board looks awesome heh), keep it up!




hope you like.:slight_smile:




more updates soon
feedback appreciated.
thx for your time.


Really nice!

Your textures looks good. Like that sticker. Beautifully mixed
diffuse, bump and specular. +nice fingerprint detail is the
important add to make it look photorealistic.

hmm… so that is your phones imei num…

Circuit board is really fine detailed, but it could be too
clean. And those metal parts looks too chromic - too reflective.
Well, i haven’t seen the real one.

There is something wrong in your cover material. It doesn’t
look how it should be. It’s allmost ok, but something is missing.
But that glass over display is great. Again, nice specularmaps.

After all, i have to say, “Really good work!”



thx for the feedback larsson.i am reworking the cell phone mat on the outside.will update soon.
feedback appreciated.
thanks for your time.:slight_smile:


update on teh circuit board,wired the board and added parallel connectors on either sides of teh board.
next step is to age the wires.
i hope you like and leave some feedback.
thanks for your time.


hope you like.any comments guys :hmm


holy… this is just amazing, I adore your work, keep it coming? are you making an animation too like the casio? wish I could be on that level and had that time… I just simply don’t have the time to get better :frowning:

but I love to see the others models, specially yours


You’re insane!

Seriously, great attention to detail. I especially like the marks on the screen. I think the case could use similar attention.

Really impressive!


thx guys… some more updates…:banghead:
it fell down the table over here…:cry:

and some more…


modeling method: wires


ANIMATED HOLOGRAM STICKER - PRISM FX just finished creating the hologram sticker on the back of the battery.the 3d hologram changes colour and patternm with varying light intensity and environment settings…

  1. the basic hologram pattern:animated in flash

final animation:


t720 screen animation completed

just finished animating the screen of the cellphone as the cell phone opens up
heres the animation breakdown:---->

main keyframes :
1.Phone opens up : the screen illuminates
2.Press Middle button : goes into main menu
3.Change sub menu to settings and go into settings screen
4.change sub menu options to disassemble…
and the phone starts disassembling

Keyframe calculations:
I calculated the time delay it actually takes to navigate within the menu’s and the phone to illuminate using a stop watch.

1.Time it takes to illuminate the screen in the beginning : 27 msec : 10 frames(@24 fps)

2.Time it switch to main menu : 30 msec : 12 frames(@24 fps)

3.Time it takes to navigate between submenus: 45 msecs : 18 frames(@24 fps)

4.Natural time it takes for the human eye to comprehend the change : .13 msec : 5 frames approx


all calculations using stop watch timer and textures in photoshop.
hope you like…


alll textures and animations created from absuloute scratch…no photos whatsoever…

more updates soon…:wavey:


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

speechless… heh