Motorcycle Bunny, Young-Min Yoon (2D)


Title: Motorcycle Bunny
Name: Young-Min Yoon
Country: United States
Software: Painter

This was an image created for Maxim magazine awhile back. I used program Painter to create this image. I welcome any feedback.


Ha ha :slight_smile: It made me smile :smiley: :smiley:


very funny expression on that rabbit! :thumbsup:


Nice work gr8 goosy rabbit. Keep it up:thumbsup:


Wow, muy excellente! I love it. My only crit -from a non-pro mind you- is that for all the bears rage his eyes look calm.

Awesome work.


Ohh Simply awesome and funny…Great job wid the forms as well as wid the overall colors…Good:thumbsup:


love the bunny and the bike. The bear hasn’t got the same punch as the bunny, but the overall work is very well executed.


Very cartoony! I like it! Great work!


wow is a great concept, very funny



Awesome! Love the work!

crit: what others say about the bear. The eyes need to look tough and mean.


I love the bunny, the bike looks great. The bear looks too realistic, maybe it should look more cartoonic like the bunny, but it is a great pic. LOL!


Thanks everyone for your complements and critique! :slight_smile:



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