Motionfx and Copy


Hello, so here is what I need help with.

I have a walk sequence that has been copied.

  1. What I want is to have the “shift” and “stretch” motionfx to randomize each copy of my geometry from this animation.

  2. I’m not sure what expressions go where to control this.

  3. After I get a randomized min and max for each copy, I want to be able to have each one follow individual curves.

  4. That way I could do a follow path on my obj and have the next copy jump to that curve.

How would I do this, what type of expressions would I use and where?

*I tried to use the rand and fit function for scale in the “stretch” motionfx with .02 range values and I keep receiving .2 values. I need it in the .02 area.


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