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very nice . you did it very very good!


Hi all I just finished writing my first tutorial so don’t expect it to be perfect lol but ohwell :slight_smile:

I tried to find on the internet a good tutorial about how going from max’s biped into motionbuilder and being able to animate my character in motionbuilder but I didn’t find anything so I’ve been trying a lot of things and finally found something that worked and so I decided to write my own little tutorial for other people who would be willing to do this :slight_smile:

it is a pdf and can be found here :

if you have suggestions or questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:
Hope this helps some people


ps: hope to be able to propose a videotutorial someday soon


I was wondering if anyone out there knew of some good tutorials on cleaning up mocap data inside motion builder using the fcurves. I’ve got a very small booklet on noise elmination, swapping, and occultion but it’s not very clear and i’ve been trying to play around with it for the last few days and haven’t been getting very far with it. I’ve put all of the markers into a rigid body setup to make clean up easier from what the book said but other than that it’s been extremely slow going. I’ve been looking on line for any kind of tutorial to do it but haven’t found anything. If anyone has any tutorials or can give me some advise on how to this cleaning that would be great.


hey everyone, I found prolly the best MB tutorial video that shows the general pipeline for MB and maya. The MB part of it is really amazing and shows things like mocap data clean up. You can dl the tutorial for $25 or buy the cd for $75. I’ll say it’s really worth it. The link is

hopefully that will help some people


I made a quick video tutorial on the Maya to Motionbuilder and back workflow. Pretty basic for those people that are just getting familliar with Motionbuilder.

Download Maya to Motionbuilder and back (quicktime ~37Megs)


My tutorial above goes over that. But, in MB7. I’m not sure about 5.5


i badly need this one , the link doesn’t work " at least for me "


try this:


Woops… sorry, I needed to do a little server cleaning. It’s back at

the above link works again.


Nice tutorial Sean, are you planning to make one about how to do the actual animation? or do you know anyplace that i can find one?


Using MotionBuilder with Poser

Improving viewport performance w/ 8800 GTX


I’d love to watch this, but it doesn’t seem to be working again. Hmm, looks like the whole site is down right now…


Unfortunately, the server IS down right now. I’m no longer working with FAU, so I’ll have to drive over to get those files sometime soon and post them on my own server. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s back up.


Okay, I got the tutorial back and put it on my server.
Here’s the new link.


Hello- I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials related to MotionBuilder and importing and cleaning up c3d files. I’ve been able to connect an actor to the motioncapture data, but I’m running into errors (parts flying all over the place randomly, very choppy animation that looks like it’s doubling the actor, ect.) and I suspect it might be related to me not knowing exactly what I’m doing.
Thanks if you can help!

Edit: Actually, I found a good tutorial on setting up a scene here
I still wouldn’t mind one on cleaning up the data though :slight_smile:


Webster I reposted this for people to take advantage of…
.amc to .fbx conversion 2007 update

have fun.


thanks to all :thumbsup:


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So…It is a little too extensive to actually go into. However, depending on what version of motionbuilder you are using, (hopefully 7 or above) they really did a good job at making the help files more user friendly. Open up the help files and search for “optical data” anything that comes up with a 123 in green is a tutorial. I suggest that you read all of the documentation though. This should point you in the right direction to cleaning up motion data and they will explain it better than I might in this forum. I prefer other programs to motionbuilder for cleaning up and refining motion data but MB does a decent job and it is getting better. Diva, Evart, Calcium…all offer better tool sets for cleaning up motion data and they don’t limit your marker count and Motion builder does; which can be daunting. Good luck.


Some free video tutorials