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Hi there!

I guess it´s time to collect some Links for Motionbuilder Tutorials!

Kaydara KnowledgeBase

3D Buzz Videotutorials

MB 5 Tutorials

free MocapLibary

free MocapLibary 2

posted by E-Z ! put me in For Tips and Tricks.
Now This Made My Day

Kaydara_Tips and Tricks by E-Z

If you have any tutorials, you would like to add please post them below or send me a pm.



No longer available.


hi brian_dlm¡G

I tried to find the page about “Using Motion Builder with Poser”,but I can’t find it.
Would you please post the link ? Thanks


hi brian_dlm¡G

I tried to find the page about “Using Motion Builder with Poser”,but I can’t find it.
Would you please post the link ? Thanks



I know it’s posted that there are tutorials on the Kaydara site but I thought I’d point out that they’ve just announced that new tutorials for MB 5.1 have been added and they’ve updated all the old ones. The reference is at the top of the standard forum. It looks great. You can download all tuts at one time in pdf format and with accompanying files.



I am a bit confused about kaydaras website:
The tutorials usually refer a certain tutorial .fbx that can be downloaded from the kaydara website (the tutorials say).
But where are they?
Is it becessary to log in? how doe I get a username/password for that?




With the knowledge base, the file name of the downloadable fbx files should be on the right side of your screen when you click on a particular tutorial and download the pdf. In some cases as when you download the 5.1 tutorials as a single pdf, the reference on the right is to a zip file. You just click and download.

I can’t remember about a password but I guess I’d try logging on to the discussion forum and see if it asks you to register.



Thanks for your help. seems my Mozilla did not show the right side properly, could download it with IE.


Oh!I cannot find the"Using Motion Builder with Poser "tutorial~~wuwu~!:cry: :cry: :cry:


Thats wher it is.



Originally posted by Olli Wuensch

Thats wher it is.

Olli [/B]

:thumbsup: Thanx Olli! I have find the tutorial!:applause:


Ok newbie quesion here, i downloaded the motion capture files from the websites above but when i import them nothing happens. Do i need to convert them to fbx format somehow?

I’ve only been using motionbuilder for about 2 days now, so i assume i am missing something quite important.



Have not looked at the mocaps-- what are they? .bvH?



Im trying to download the files from this website:

The files are available in tvd, c3d and amc file types.


also noc luck with the files— the .asf seems to be the only file supported, but MB demands another file thats missing—
Tried with LifeForms, but it wont accept them either.


Hi Guys,
I was totally fresh on Motion builder,do you guys have
any idea to do facial expression by using LW endomorph
or morpmixer control from LW to Motion Builder
to characterize face expression!
Any tutorial to referring on these?



Take a look at the Knowledge Desk at Kaydara. The first tutorial in the list, under MB 5.1, is on facial animation. If you name your endomorphs in LW the same as the generic channels in MB, they’ll load up automatically when you characterize; if not, you’ll have to load them up under “User Channels.”

Hope that helps.



How can i get the files from the following link into motionbuilder V5.5 ?

My PC connects it automatically to Quicktime, when i import them into MB, i get an error-message that they are corrupted. I tried to install the QT-Plugin, so that I maybe could see them in the QT-Player, but I don´t know where to place the *-dmg file

Any help would be great,


This is one of the clearest tutorials I have yet read. Focus on pages 24-26


Here’s a great little series of video tutes just posted on ALIAS’ site (go to the bottom of the page)…
Orc v SWAT