Motionbuilder 6


some screenshots of the new version


Is there any info on upgrade pricing from 5 to 6?


Not yet, v6 is still in beta…


The upgrade price according Micheal B. is $250


>according to Michael B. is $250

25% of retail sounds grand to me. Since v4 I’ve really hoped for an easier interface, and seeing it promised (along with other lux features) makes upgrading a must here.


upgrade for 250$ seems to be okay… not sure if we are waiting with the next version because of the alliance between kaydara and alias.


some more details and it´s available October 2004…


some preview clips of motionbuilder 6:


just installed my upgrade, so this is a quick rundown of the features I’ve been most looking forward to: Trajectories, Smart Plot and the Path/Path Animation tools. Haven’t got near the handle and new auxhilliary tools but they look cool.

3D curves are there and path generation/editing is easy although the process of adding points will take a little getting used to. Sadly I can’t find any way of converting the trajectory to a path(!) which would have been my primary use for this feature.

Smart plot works a treat across layers giving predictable results. It isn’t available from within story tools which is cool if you don’t use story much. On our last project we almost exclusively edited our data in story mode and it rocked except for the no-compromise plotting. :frowning:

The interface has been tidied a little, but it feels a little crowded and definitely shows some kaydara/alias schizophrenia.


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