Motionbuilder 6 released


Hey guys,

My bank balance is looking more and more in danger by the minute. Here is another upgrade I can’t efford twice. First I can’t efford, and then I can’t efford to miss out on. What with buying XSI, ubgrading to R9 and now this, what is next?




I am sure Kaydara has a nice update, but where is the information?
all i see is BlaBla improved—BlaBla industry leading–
apart from better synciing FK-IK (which is a major problem in MB after a while of animating).
but how?
Guess I have to wait a few days for the real information–


i think fbx support was improved in R9 as well…can’t remember…sure i saw it mentioned somewhere?


it has, C4d can now port morphs to MB, which is superduper—


Oh my gawd!

This is great/horrible news :slight_smile: Great mostly, but horrible for my poor bank account. I think I now know that it feels like to be a crack whore LOL … bring it on



the competition for bucks is just incredibly tight out there…makes you wonder why the hell they all wait until siggraph to release stuff…


Here’s more detailed info:
Still don’t see upgrade pricing though.


Still win2000 here, oh well, it will save me some dough.
Also new MOCA is looking good. What is C4D IK animation speed improvement like?


sounds good, like an update that is less spectacular in feature but more geared towards productivity—
Very curious about pricing—


it’s noted down a bit further in the page Olli

Pricing and Availability
Kaydara MOTIONBUILDER 6 will be available September 2004 on Windows XP Professional and Mac OS X 10.3. MOTIONBUILDER 6 Standard is priced at $995 USD; MOTIONBUILDER 6 PRO is priced at $4195 USD and includes 12 months support and upgrades. Prices outside of North America may vary. For more information on features, pricing and upgrades, visit Kaydara’s Web site at

no idea about upgrades though :slight_smile:


—but thats what i would be interested in


I know, sorry heat exhaustion :blush:


Standard version up-grade is $250.
From Kaydara forums:

>Hello guys,
>upgrade pricing for STD will be $250 for the electronic version.
>slightly higher for the hardcopy - with CD and books (price not yet announced …)
>Cheers !
>Michel Besner
>Kaydara, inc


I guess that’s not too bad, but it’s still a little hard to take considering I only paid $200 to begin with!


dunno if its supposed to be funny but it is…sorry bud couldn’t help myself.:applause:


I just notice the Win XP only tag—
that leaves me out, too–
until I buy a new machine (which wont be before End of year)–
My Win2K system is doing too well to ruin it with XP update—

OK, easy decision then, I will skip for a time–



so do you need MB6 to be able to read the fbx that contains morphs created in R9? I think since the fbx port is from maxon side, it will work in MB5 too right?

if I can export morphs from r9 into mb and make the whole character animation there, I’m very happy indeed:)


So far in my experience, XP has been better for me than win2k; it’s been more stable, faster, and it runs both my 3D stuff and my games :slight_smile:


Yes, it works in MB5.


thanks for the info adam;)