Motionbuilder 2014 new features


now has a ruler tool! :beer:


this is a great new release…! :thumbsup:


That ruler tool would have been very welcome while we were filming Avatar.


omg look through tool … really is this just for lights. Because that’s the demo they highlighted. I mean if that’s the case why not just call it look through current light selected .


You can look through lights or geometry.



How did they develop the look through geometry technology? I mean, I know people have been making fun of this latest round of 2014 releases, but with amazing, highlighted features like that, I don’t see how that argument can hold any water.

Bravo ADSK!


How did they develop the look through geometry technology?

Very easily I imagine. It’s hardly a complex thing to implement, but it looks simple to use, which is most of the battle.

On a side note, I like the new site in terms of being able to see what’s new through videos.


Sooo… what you’re saying is it links a camera to an object?


I have a feeling Blazer was being sarcastic.


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