motion tracking screens on devices


Hi everyone,

I’m working on some tests for replacing screens on laptops and cellphones, here are the shots I did with a HDV camera.

The final material will be done in a RED camera.

Take a look:

Done using After Effect tracking and some composition. Done with the devices turned off.

I’d love to hear some pro critique on this. I’ll be posting stuff here as it goes.


Your videos aren’t loading for me. How large are the files? You should set them up to stream, because most people don’t have the patience to wait for an entire file to load. I guess this may be why no-one else has responded. Your description of your work and what you’re aiming for could be improved though - it’s hard to understand exactly what you want to hear. If you want critique, it helps if you specify exactly what sort of critique you’re after, ie if there are any parts of your work, in particular, that you feel unhappy with and need a second opinion on.


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