Motion Graphics: PC components


Looking for advice on an upcoming PC build for motion graphics–mid to high end, $4K to $6K for the tower/box

I’m working with C4D and After Effects primarily, along with Photoshop and Illustrator. I am also considering, like many, moving more toward
GPU rendering–which makes me wonder about getting a CPU with lower core count but higher clock speed, since at least in C4D, the extra cores will be less important?

I want to first work out the 4 key components below (I can work out storage, power, etc later) but if you have full build advice, please feel free to share!!!

GPU (octane, gpu rendering?)
RAM (the 64 vs 128GB question–and how it effects Mobo & CPU choice [intel])

I would actually love to hear about the high core count vs higher clock speed question with regard to After Effects and particle sims (x-particles) as well, if someone has some info


This is an example of what you could build for this workflow, taking into account your intention to use gpu rendering (octane) at some point.
PCPartPicker part list
7940X would be ideal for C4D and After Effects combined with gpu acceleration. According to Puget Systems, it’s currently the best cpu for After Effects
The 7940X has a decent single core performance too, with a 4.4GHz turbo boost.
You could switch to 7920X or 7900X without a huge penalty in performance, but shaving off some $ this way.
With the specific psu you can easily add a 3rd gpu for rendering if it’s needed in Octane.


thanks, I think the puget systems option for the higher cores i9 makes sense if using the C4D cineware plugin–but this is not a workflow I would use. I’m not convinced that the higher core count is worth it in my case.