Motion Designer Settings for Water & Taffy!


After getting alot of requests, Ive created a couple of scenes for you to dissect!
Just load these in and hit MD Start!
MD Scene Files

They are both good starting points for you to tweak and understand what MD does and why…not that I could tell you what I did to get to this point! :slight_smile:
There is no exact science to MD, every tweak will act differently depending on another…so change one setting and re-calculate…and keep repeating, and saving every cool iteration!

Perhaps with enough testers, we will all come to understand this strange force known as MD2000!
…well at least we will have alot of cool presets! so test and share!


Great! Thanks for sharing!


:smiley: You’re welcome! …pass it on!


just thought, perhaps this should be in the “resources” section


hhmm nice :slight_smile: downloding the scene


thanks Howard,
appreciate the effort…


I tried to load the scene but I keep getting a dialogue asking me to load the MDD file “*.mdd” not sure what’s up with that???


great presets Howard.



PS: do you have any others? Ive seen one of your taffy ones that slowly filles itself back in like thick mud… any others?


Thanks guys,

Riki - just hit cancel, then once the scene is loaded, open MD and hit Start…then if you want you can save out .mdd files…just hit ‘s’ after youve calculated while you have the MDcontroller selected and it will ask to save 2 files…not sure what order it chooses, it doesnt say which it wants to save…kinda lame.

Mike- Ill whip up a couple more when I can…but basically to get either scene to act like mud, play with the floors settings for Spring and Hold…the higher the spring, the more it wants to keep its shape…the more Hold, the faster it will spring back…yeah i know, backwards! :slight_smile:
…then there is Resistance and Viscosity which will make it stickier or harder…and of course a few others i havent decifered.
…like i said, you tweak one thing, and its fine, tweak another, and what was fine is out of wack, while another aspect may be working…so its alot of mix and match and test!
Honestly Id say Ive put in over 200 hours so far just testing! and thats not including the testing of PFX/HVs!!! :slight_smile:

one other thing, you can tweak and tweak the floor, but then tweak a litte of the balls Friction or Bound (I think fixed objects settings dont work except everything under Skin Thickness) and WHAM, all the floor settings are wacked again…

hmmm…any chance in hell someone could REWRITE the interface for MD, not the actual plugin, but just how we tweak the variables that make up the plugin?..simplify? hell, Id help if ya need some!
Something better be done for LW8…otherwise I really dont know what NT is thinking…


Excellent !


thanks for posting these Howard. You’ve got some of the most impressive MD stuff i’ve seen.

I loaded up your scene files and instead of getting results like your animations show. The nice taffy like surface that was all great and sticky. I got a ball that hit’s the surface for 2 frames and then the surface “blows up” all over the place. Any ideas or suggestions why this is happening?

I 've had the resolution at 1-100 and still not much differance in the results

i’ve been having a bugger of a time getting an MD effect to work and i think that whatever is causing your scene to go hay wire could be what’s giving me sooo much trouble.




hmm, not sure, maybe reload your MD plugins?
does the water one work?
what version of LW?
MAC or PC?


reloaded the MD plugs with no change :frowning:
the water one works somewhat. Meaning that it doesn’t “explode” right off the bat but it doesn’t appear to calculate right and then on the rebounds from the ball dipping through the water it will bounce back and then “explode”

LW 7.5c Intel


sorry, but it works fine here.
you may want to contact tech support?


K, i figured it’d boil down to that…thanks for checkin for me Howard…how is the the crusade for your Pit going?


this is very cool, maybe someone could post some of the numbers for the different categories like weight and resistance etc… for different types of motion designer materials like water and water with more ripples and so forth for newbies like me to compare the different effects so i can get good at motion designer…i want to tame that beast so bad it hurts again kudos howard and btw i used to have a pit bull, it was a very good dog and he never attacked anyone


Thanks Howard MD … thanks for making house calls!


Bumping it up


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