Motion capture always with raised hands issue


I made several motion captures (optitrack arena)
and even though bvh looks fine, all animations are with hands in T-pose once I transfer it to a character

If you skip to 2:33 you can see the result, and just in case I have the whole process captured


Mapping of bones should be fine, because I tried the same process but with a mocap from last year. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!


have you tried going in and smoothing out the keyframes in the hand? (on the mocap skeleton)

is that what is causing the weirdness in the left hand? if so you could just delete all of the key frames in that hand.


Your character must be in T-pose when you hit the characterize, there’s even a warning remembering you about that. Just move the timeline to a frame with a t-pose or get in another take.


You are right about the T-pose; I did not see notification about that. I did another test when I had t-pose and it worked, but all previous takes are useless because I forgot to do a t-pose after adjusting tracking markers. I will know for the future. Thanks!


I don’t think the previous takes should be useless. If you have your character characterized in a t-pose somewhere on one take, you should still be able to merge import your motion data and it should fit in correctly. I did a similar thing with some Mixamo animations, where you will not find a t-pose either. After trying to match up my character in a t-pose for a long time, i finally got it to turn green all over, and after saving that, i could import merge any animation in on that character. I then have a different character that has the skeleton names that i need for my game engine (in this case, ue4), i have that ue4-character set to be driven by the mocap character and then plot to rig and skeleton from there on. Not sure this was what you meant, but in case it was, hope it helps.