Motion Builder Layers CRASHING


Using Motion Builder 2012 and also tried 2011, the same bug persists without fail.

Using any character rig (Even the one which ships with Motion Builder Mia…)

Add some mo-cap to the rig in Story mode

Play around with a couple of layers and then export or plot the animation so it can be used in normal mode (As a take)

Now if you work with a couple of layers example an additive for the body and an overide to lock a foot placement. It will crash without fail at some point. To be specific, as long as these steps have taken place, MB will crash for sure.

  • Possible things which I could think would be making this happen are that MB is plotting something during story mode which is building up to the crash later on.

  • Story mode is just not finished and is not working as it should yet
    (But as I mentioned previously, this bug can be repeated in 2011 also)

What could possibly be making this crash, I really don’t think this should be happerning using the official shipped Character (Mia)


i’ll try to reproduce that.
We had in the past also problems when we were using the story mode (crashes) that’s why we plotted and exported the anims to a new scene after finishing the story process.



MOST of the problems have been solved by a naming convention. RE-check all of the skeleton solver bones when putting to Mobu as we had the top Skeleton node renamed differently to how it should have been by a couple of letters which was causing all the offsets etc…

There really should be some kind of warning, to notify the user that a bone is not using the correct naming convention (Even a simple highlight in RED text)

It’s a very well hidden bug and not blatently obvious straight away.

Mobu still has the occasional crashes when over complicating layers, but if you are gentle with the layering system, there should be no problems. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply though.


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