Motion Builder for $13.50


I just got Motion Builder PE 4.02 for $13.50. The June issue of Digit Magazine comes with a year long Motion Builder license. Cool, eh?

I just installed it and am awaiting my auth code. Blah I’ll probably have to wait until Monday for that. Oh well. Still, that’s considerably cheaper than the $100 I was about to plunk down for it.

If anybody’s curious about it, go get the June issue of Digit magazine. I found mine at Barnes and Noble for $13.50. :slight_smile:

Oh, one little issue, they messed up the CD a little bit. The install file that comes with the disc doesn’t have the right filename. The file is there, just named wrong. I had to copy the whole disc to my laptop and rename the file. That kinda sucked, but at least I was able to get the install running. Just wanted to let you all know in case somebody buys it.

Fun stuff!


Actually, you’ll end up paying more that way:
13.50 for the one year opp + $200 (or $250) for the extension.

I was gonna go that route but there was this info out there somewhere…

But, MB ROCKS!!!


No no no, the $200 is not an extension, it’s to permanently keep it.


Right, that’s what I meant.


How does that come out to more than spending $100 to get the program and then another $200 to extend it permenantly? confused


Hi All,

I found more details at Digit’s Website:



Correct you are, sir.

Seems it won’t be as big a diff as I understood: you’ll just pay 13.50 more than those who went the 100+100 deal.

Still, the program is a great addition to any lw artist’s arsenal. You will love it.

Not trying to burst a bubble… :wink:

Take care and share what you learn once you get it.


The bonus with the 100+100 deal was the printed manual


i got my auth code within minutes.

have fun


I didn’t. It’s been two hours. :frowning:


Originally posted by swampthing
The bonus with the 100+100 deal was the printed manual

Actually, with the paid upgrade to the permanent license, you’ll be getting Motionbuilder 5.0, and you’ll be getting a printed manual regardless of whether you got your copy of the PE through Digit, Kaydara, or 3Dbuzz. So it’s really a win-win situation any way you look at it. :beer:


mmmmmhhh…the printed manual interests me! also i am happy of the current MB version, and i’m just courious what they made better in 5.0



Ah cool, i didn’t know they were going to give us 5.0

I hope they email all their users to remind them once the deal is available, i’d hate to forget and miss out.


The manual…
51 chapters of goodness

hmmm, real manuals…


Check this out

Just got my copy!



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