Motion Builder Borks Embedded T stance


With a program such as Blender, I have encountered an interesting problem with MotionBuilder. In Blender there is really no solution for importing FBX or Collada. The imports are FUBAR and not useful. The only solution I have found is to export BVH from MoBu. This works great, the animation plays, but the rest pose is borked.

CMU files can be imported and exported OK, and they maintain the correct T pose when loaded into Blender.

I use these:

You can also load these directly into Blender no problem and they can be edited in Bvhacker to center the T pose Set T and so on.

At this point it does not matter even if they have passed directly through MotionBulder no problem. You get the correct behavior.

By this I mean if you TAB into Edit mode in Blender you will see the star stance which is the correct stance for painting weights and is the rest pose. You can switch between the pose stance and the star stance for painting weights.

The problem enters when you use MotionBuilder to transfer these motions to other characterized characters so that you may edit them. As soon as you do this and then export the file you get a problem. Even with the same exact animation including Tstance. As soon as you retarget it and then try and export, it is borked.

The Tstance rest pose gets lost in translation.

I have no idea where this is happening. It is not in the Blender import. This is working. And the BVHacker confirms. When you hit Set T you see the borked TStance just as it is in Blender.

I don’t understand why this is happening. Where is the hidden magic to make it export a proper TStance?

Is this a bug?

This image should explain:

Borked TPose in Blender


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