MOTHER'S DAY 2009 - CRIS DE LARA, Cris de Lara (2D)


Name: Cris de Lara
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Inspired by one of the wonderful Norman Rockwell’s images I made this pin-up for Mother’s Day 2009.
I started from a penciled sketch, entirely 2D, I rendered it using photoshop to achieve this final version (more details about this image, sketches, close-ups,etc.,in my website). Meanwhile, I selected some details and references used to show to you see images below.
As always, there are lots of details and elements hidden in this image related to the conception and to my inspirations.
By the way, the conception was about a huge, big tough guy, that wants to honor his mother getting a tattoo, his first tattoo. Although he looks like a “bad guy”, actually, he is very gentle, sensible and careful man.
He has chosen a very unique Tattoo Girl to do the job, this is one of my character developed to one of Artepixel’s 2009 project.
You can see some contradictions of them, he is suffering not only a physical pain but also an emotional one, perhaps his mother has passed away. But this is another story.
She is a tattoo artist, she loves what she does, like a pin-up artist; and she lives free, itinerantly spreading her art and making her money.
She has just taken a look at us. she is having fun without being disrespectful to him.
Beautiful, wonderful, sexy, cute, petite and so talented, it does not matter if you are a guy or a girl, wouldn’t you like to have a tattoo session with her?


I Loved it, everything is great. the composition, the color’s choice, the characters. For sure I want a tattoo session with her. As always, the details caught my eyes. Wonderful job, and I liked the references and citations for the great pinups masters.


great image!!! really fun to look at! was thinking of a tattoo for myself but think i am cured now!


haha LOVE IT!!.. well done :slight_smile:


As always… you are great!!!


Super love it. Thanks for the progress pics.


Your artwork have a kind of charme, especially the “girls”. I really appreciate them.
Please do not stop making more of them!


What I just realized that I REALLY like about this is that she isn’t wearing a FRIGGIN THONG! :applause:


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