Mother-of-Zar_#drawcember sketchbook thread


thanks Stefano, yes my eyes is a bit better :slight_smile:


“Entry”: lights


“Entry”: smoky ice


A really curious image.


thank you Stefano :slight_smile:

I tried digital painting again today. it´s definitively more exhausting to the eye. probably from the monitor inner lighting.

my new “Entry” is “mittens” my cousins mittens. guess I do not try to draw 100% accuratly to my reference photo. But I try to capture the idea for sure. I think I improved a bit at achieving a realistic look in coloring light and shadow.


my new “Entry” :slight_smile: -Scarf-


I like your mittens entry.
You have improoved since the first one :slight_smile:


It is an excellent exercise to try to make objects and their materials.
The results achieved are very valid.:slight_smile:


Nice workon the fabric, it’s not easy to pull it off!


sorry, am a bit late ^^ was a busy day!

“Entry” frosty bead.
since I was shopping for my beloved beads and found cool looking ones. Surface was like frost or fine snow


“Entry” christmas star ( poinsettia)


I really like Christmas star. It is very soft.:slight_smile:


@stefano: thank you very much :slight_smile:

my 3rd catch up. had lot of fun creating it

“Entry” Christkind


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand day 20

“Entry” crystal lipstick :smiley:

hope you like it


this is my last catch up :slight_smile: so two more left and I reached the goal :smiley: Just keep on doing people! we almost made it!

“Entry” freezing landscape


Hey man good develop in your work!


Hey, really like that crystal lipstick… Reminds me of a bullet, actually…

MILLION DOLLAR IDEA : CRYSTAL LIPSTICK BULLET LAUNCHER ! (I don’t know what I’m saying, it’s just the end of the challenge, and I’m exhausted)


@ grafik: thank you :slight_smile:

@ Lammakian: lol XD thank you and no worries. think we are all dizzy at the moment. this lipstick looks like Bayonetta would definitively use it. especially when it is a bullet.

My “Entry” for today and 21 is: teatime season


my last “Entry” for this challenge :slight_smile: - waterfall in winter

kept the focus on the right side of the tiny waterfall :slight_smile: found this scene when I went for a walk long time ago
hope you like my last entry. I enjoyed it much and my biggest lesson was to relax my mind before a painting


Good job with this challenge and great improving! Congrats!