Motext moved as single block, but each letter gets randomized degree of spring effect applied


I’m envisioning something along the lines of a random control where a value of zero means that the whole block of text springs as a single object, and as you increase the random value, the letters begin to diverge in the degree to which each has spring applied.

It occurs to me that there is probably already a way to do this, but I’ve not found it yet. I’ve done a number of experiments adding delay spring effector into the letters tab effector slot for the mograph, but while that works well for things like other effectors that sweep through and affect each letter at a different time, if the entire block of text is moving at once, then each letter is affected the same.

For this case where there is a single movement of the entire text block, is there a way to have each individual letter affected by randomized degrees of spring applied (or jiggle) with at least some basic control over the degree of randomization?


add a random (or better shader field with a noise for more control) in your delay effectors fall-off tab.