Most disturbing films ever made...



There is no way to describe this movie.

The trailer:

Mike R


i’m surprised no one has mentioned hitchcock yet. definitely added some fear to every day situations going bad.

as for just plain disturbing, any 70’s flick set in the future, you know the sorts i mean, logans run etc all clean white desolate interiors with nothing human in them at all, vangelis style music etc. very uncomfortable atmosphere throughout. of course furniture in the future is incredibly cheap and easy to make and also incredibly uncomfortable, which explains why everyone walks around as if they’ve got a plank stuffed up their jacksie with, all furniture will either be a stark white rectangular block or an egg chair, doors however will become incredibly complex affairs which must under no citrcumstances open up by means of a simply hinge, ideally they should have multipart folding and unfolding mechanisms and make lots of pneumatic sounds.

max headroom was kinda disturbing in a cool way.

mute witness was also pretty disturbing.

barton fink… well any cohen brothers film can be viewed as being disturbing really, but always in a good way, however that particular one was darker and more disturbing than most.


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I seriously can’t believe people are leaving out “Jacob’s Ladder”.

My sister liked it while she watched it… but when it was over she started to hate it with a passion. She still says that every time I meet here. g

Some others:
“Naked Lunch”… weird… I guess typical Cronenberg… I don’t like it.
“Donnie Darko”… weird ending… it kinda makes the movie pointless. g.
“Lies”… Korean movie (I think)… Some pointless SM scenes… I really liked the scene where two girls beat each other up… and then you hear the director say “stop”… then the actors stop and you can see the film crew getting into the picture… and well… it makes no sense.
“funnyGames”… very good movie… excellent dialog and very mean… you start to feel really sorry for the persons.


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There is no way to describe this movie.

The trailer:

Woah!! That looks soo cool! Gonna get that DVD in a second. (I really liked KIDS too)


Boys Don’t Cry

I was seriously depressed after watching that film.


I think “Society” gets first prize in this catagory!

The Evangelion “Movies” - I found disturbing, because I felt they completely ruined a damn-near perfect series…it was an ordeal just watching them. But thats my opinion.

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” - totally “f***s with your mind”!


tesuo the iron man…man that was a weird ass movie…the ring left me with sorta a weird fealing the first time i watched it too…


Eraserhead. I never wish to watch that film again.

Yay for Eraserhead!

I can’t remember how many times I have seen this, but each time I feel like the inside of my head has been scoured by steel wool. Now I have the DVD.

Lost Highway (also by David Lynch) was pretty disturbing too.

I had a hard time watching The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - it seemed so claustrophobic.

Normal horror doesn’t usually ring my disturbed bell, but Candyman seemed to hit the spot.


Mary Poppins - this movie have to be forbidden! :scream:

then a list of disturbing movies :

El Topo
Blue velvet

but a real disturbing movie quite just like Mary Poppins is

Fatal frames, by Al Festa


“funnyGames”… very good movie… excellent dialog and very mean… you start to feel really sorry for the persons.

Gets my vote.


Donnie Darko and The Ring(japanese verion(Ringu)).

Both great movies but disturbing.


The cartoon version of Lord of the rings scared me as a child…I don’t remember why, except the black riders were pretty disturbing.

Labyrinth, and some other Gyllian film were pretty disturbing.

“Donnie Darko”… weird ending… it kinda makes the movie pointless.

The ending didn’t make it pointless, I thought it was brilliant.


Re: Nemoid.

“I like to play all sorts of games!”

…I love it when Mary Poppins talks dirty!:drool:


OK, not necessarilya difninitve list of the most disturbing I have seen, but a combination of the handful that come to mind plus some that others’ suggestions made me think of.

1)Testament- it does what it set out to do fairly well, and part of that goal is to bother you deeply. I watched it ONCE like 8 years ago and was reminded of it recently after forgetting about it. I could still remember clearly how much it bothered me.

2)Freaks- the first time I saw it I was unprepared and in a frame of mind that help it be a mite disturbing. Not nearly as distrubing the second time around, but still worth mentioning.

3)Naked Lunch- The only movie I went to twice in two days in the hopes I’d get a repeat of the show in the audience th night before. Namely people bringing children of about 6-8 years old and leaving halfway through with a screaming/crying child. Brought my friends the second time to watch, which resulted in me finding out one of my friends has a phobia of bugs… whoops.

4)Closet Land- ok, maybe it’s the fact that my initial exposure to it was repeated late night showings on cable while suffering some severe insomnia. But it is well done.

5)Parents - Just waht were they before they were leftovers? randy quaid in his underwear, tryin to get it on with the june cleaver looking mom, and all the blood. And whoever prepaired their meat knows how to ruin your appetite.

6)1984- not super disturbing, but the visual look of the film just sort of makes you feel skeevy.


Cronenberg movies may be odd, equally Lynch, but they can be hipnotizing to watch. Disturbing can be good for whitening your teeth, stretch the brain to allow the elastic band of experience stretch to hold more. Forces us zombie consumers to actually comprehend things big and small, cool or uncool.

this one was just REALLY DEPRESSING
-Happiness (I think you must be disturbed to really call this a good movie, there is nothing uplifing or redeeming about it AT all. I was forced to watch this with a friend who found it Funny

Some movies though go over the line.
I never saw this movie but the idea that there was a market for it scared me more.


“Event Horizon”
has to be one of my most dusturbing films i remember…and my favorite disturbing one :slight_smile:


Tetsuo the Iron Man


The Experiment. Yikes.


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Anything with Ben Affleck.

Agreed. Add the rock to that (the wrestler not the movie)


Oh and don’t forget “Kids”…err…that just made me feel like dirt after I watched it, but still a damn good movie.