Mosquito Legs Double Ik Issue?


Im new on this forum and i never posted im sorry about my bad english.
I’am actually rigging a mosquito with an IK/FK and many ribbons/flexyplanes constrained and staying in position by my binds joints. The problem i have actually is i have rotations values on one bone shared by two ik. I have one pole vector for each ik Spring i use but im not really sure about my method of using two ik.
More over i want my first ik parented by a controller and this controller is the parent of the controller of the second ik part.

I hope u can help me to solve my problem im sure its because im wrong about the workflow or the method to do it.
Excuse me again for my terrible english
Have a good night ! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking you’ll need to combine an SCsolver and RPsolver for this to work as you want it to. I will have to test it later, I dont have Maya in front of me at the moment.