Mosquito, Boris Martinek (3D)


Title: Mosquito
Name: Boris Martinek
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

It was really intesting for me to create such a character as this mosquito robot. I had some photographs of real mosquitos to work with. Back ground I made in Photoshop. Please critique every part of this piece…


Boris, This is a beautifully assembled model! My only crits are the following:

  1. There is almost too much detail in the mosquito’s head area. I would like to see larger eyes and less “things going on” there. The details are so small that they get mixed-up with the legs behind the head which makes it hard to see the head.
  2. Where are the wings?
  3. It seems as though there should be some variation in the depth-of-field. You are only showing near and far, with nothing in between. I understand the focal range would be constricted if this were a micro-sized bot, but still, I think it needs better DOF.
  4. My last crit, or suggestion, would be to make the “needle” or sucker part look more menacing, maybe even hinting at a hypodermic needle. If you could make it look as if it could extend and retract, that might be really cool.

You have done an awesome job on the textures and modelling though! Great work!

~ Annah


let me be the first to tell you that this is an exellent piece!

the background realy fits with the musquito and the textures are very nice.
You have some great skill at drawing!

The musquito is also great work. I like the blood containers on his back, and the “shell” if ya wish, is quite nice.

I’d say 5 stars for you!

<Edit> Lol, i posted only soon after the first reply, thats why i said “let me be the first to…” <end edit>


Excellent work, dude! Ireally like the level of detalisation and your background


Excellent work, dude! I really like the level of detalisation in model and your background!
Rspect, man :thumbsup:


Amazing level of detail. M only crit is that maybe metal surfaces look a bit lkike plastic. Anyway great work!


very good concept:thumbsup:


Excellent work, dude! Ireally like the level of detalisation, and the picture at all.
Respect for ya, man! :thumbsup:


that is GREAT!


yeEAAARRRR !! excellent bug! ! great concept ,an animation perhaps :slight_smile:


great design, the textures are great. :slight_smile:


Very impressive work.


really like the model, and textures, not to keen on the ground its on, and the compostition with the faded ones in the back, maybe change it some, have them going to a nest of some sort. but as a model it and its textures are really nice.


As one artist to another,this is one of the best robot insects I’v seen.
Fantastic,it just makes me wanna push harder on my work,guys just keep posting your perfect art and giv me food and inspiration…
Sometimes when i see what man’s are capable of makes me sick,but this on the other side makes me PROUD to be a MAN that i am,a Creative individual…EXCELENT!!! :applause:


yeah , what details !! , how many hours you inverted? Nice work. :wink:


Very cool man, super original.

Only comment I have is that, maybe it was your intent, but he seems detached from his environment. Awesome work none the less. :thumbsup:


Awsome Modeling
-the only crit. is like what Annah_M said with the DOF, and the pedistal its on seems a little off.


*sorry double post *


Kewl. I love the head design…



Very impressive robot design!