Mortuary Robot, Neil Blevins (3D)


Title: Mortuary Robot
Name: Neil Blevins
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

This is not only a model for my friend Stephan Bugaj’s short film “Measured Assessment”, but also for a new Gnomon DVD on how to Shade and Texture Hard Surface Models. Modeled in 3dsmax in polys for subdivision, this character is approx 2000 objects. Shading and Texturing took about a week of work, a mixture of hand painted, photomanip and procedural textures. Rendered in Brazil 2.0, photoshop was used for all the texture painting and photomanip. My Wirebundler script was used for the couple of wires on the character’s underbelly.

Here’s some textured views…

Here’s a smooth shaded view of the model from two angles.

Some closeups of the textured model…

Click here to see a smooth shaded turntable (approx 18.7 meg).

Click here to see a textured turntable (approx 12.3 meg).


Cute robot, nice model an texures :slight_smile:

No blood? :twisted:

  • Ty


pretty, love the details!


i saw this Robot Tutorial on Gnomon :bounce: it is so Cool i very like it


top quality work, and we can get a chance to see how it was lit and textured, thanks for sharing.


Great texturing Neil. Also the model looks pretty interesting. As I see it it would need a couple of lights or buttons, maybe for scanning the area or just to give the feeling that is on :slight_smile: Right now it doesn’t seem alive.
Looking forward for the DVD.


Thanks everyone.

TyroneMaddams: We discussed the blood issue, but for story reasons, it makes more sense to go without it. Don’t want the bot to look like it’s actually killing the people, it’s just there to pick up the “trash” when people die from more natural causes. It’ll probably make more sense once in the context of the short film.

Max4ever: The character will definitely be more lively once it’s animated with all those little arms scurrying about, and it’s single eye glowing. But you do bring up a good point, some headlights or something might be a good idea for night time operation :slight_smile: Will probably add those for the short itself.

Thanks for the crit.

  • Neil


The coffin shaped panels are a nice touch.


Good model :buttrock:


looking very good, nice texture and model work :wink:


Soylent Green!!!
hehe, love the model Neil.


Amazing work, really nice details…


-Lovely model Neil, The texturing is really awesome… I like that the wear and tare is not over done…


Really nice model dude! Thanks for sharing! :beer:


I opened this thread and as I saw this robot I instantly knew it was one of your works soulburn3d. Very cool design great modeling and very very nice texturing! I love the look of it! I also noticed that the boxes on the side of the Robot are looking like coffins… nice concept!


amazing work
i love your texture and render and lighting and modeling 5 star

** i have small question >> your pc the specifications your done these work ?
** on moor question >> what the best render software Brazil render or final render ?
i know the blur studio using Brazil for all works
and i need to a pro artist like blur artist
i flowing all artist works steps


Thanks everyone for all your comments.

I work on a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450, 8 Gigs Of RAM, nVidia Geforce GTX 280 1GB, 64bit OS.

There is no best renderer. Every renderer has advantages and disadvantages, and no one renderer does it all. So I recommend trying out all the major renderers, they all have some sort of eval version, and see which renderer has the features you most need. Personally, my favorite renderer is Brazil, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect for you. Also, Blur switched to mentalray a few years back. Again, that doesn’t mean you should too, it was a choice they made based on the types of features they needed to do their work. If you’re interested in seeing more info on the simularities and differences of the materials in the scanline, brazil and mentalray renderer, you may consider buying the gnomon DVD, it has a lot of info on the subject.

  • Neil


thanks Neil
you good man :slight_smile:


Very clever design. It’s shaped like a very fat scythe. I like the people recycling symbol on the side.


Really nice work there Neil, I’m am currently modeling a robot concept and will look at your DVD when it comes to texture to i’m sure learn some good pointers and techniques, have a quick look if you have time. Its only a sneak peak picture that is on the front of my homepage.