Mortal combat: scoripon



Hello everyone. sorry for last post the image was not added correctly.

So i have started painting scorpion of mortal comabt couple days ago. and this is my WIP i hope you like it.

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Hello everyone , i hope you like my work. here i did some progress in the painting .
give me your opinions.


scorpion wip2


Don’t overused smooth brushes and only have smooth value transitions, because it ends up making everything look doughy, lacking in structure in the forms. Forms rarely are all smooth curves. Forms have planes and angles and irregularities.

And if you plane on having a background, don’t treat it like an afterthought. You need to plan and manage the entire image so that the values and colors for the entire image works well, and your overall composition looks well thought out. Work on everything together, instead of just the subject and a blank white background, then try to shoehorn a background in later. That will often result in an inconsistent and incoherent image.


thank you for your suggestions, ill try to follow them. :slight_smile:


Hello guys i finally finished my painting, what do you think ? you can also see the process video



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Looks pretty good.

The leather straps feel a bit too “airbrush” and could use a bit more definition in terms of texture or less softness in the highlights.

The armpit area feels a bit unfinished compared to the rest of the image.

His nose seems a bit short in comparison to the size of his head and the size of the face mask. If you “draw through” (actually draw the rest of his head/face to see how it fits inside the hood/mask, you’ll see the problem more clearly.


thanks very much.


very cool!, great to see your work in progress video too. Scorpion is my fave MK character. GET OVER HERE!!!