Is there any word on the ability to create morph shapes within Wings?


you can take the orginal model and modify it to make the targets, then import them. this isn’t possible to do entire in wings because there is no animation feature. since there is no animation, morph targets are useless.


The only problem with the exporting of morphs from W3D to other apps, is that sometimes the other app will reorder the vertices (during import) which may affect the ease with which you can actually use your morphs.

I have noticed this “re-ordering” going from W3D to XSI w/ .obj.


<< The next logical step after 1.0 is therefore to add bones and morph targets, to allow doing all rigging in Wings. >>

From Bjs second post on linked page



I’m not so interested in bones. . . but endomorphs. . . or morphmaps exported in a .lwo format would be a god send. . .


I was pretty blown away with the demo movies of Modo. I LOVE wings but Modo’s implimentation of morhps is pretty mind blowing. No chance of morphs being included in an ucomming release? It doesn’t have to be as fancy as Modo’s . . . just a little tab with the morph’s names so you can click between them. . . and .LWO export. . .


Does it happen every time with XSI? I’m just starting to use XSI and Wings together, and I was hoping to do my morph targets in Wings.

And does this problem only with OBJ, or is it with FBX as well?


Your probably the only person who could tell us. :slight_smile:


hiya Wegg :slight_smile:
i agree, the way the morphs are handled in modo appear to be fantastic [although the price of the app does scare me atm :wink: ] similar to how mirai operates in that regard…[now, if only izware could find the time to get 1.5 out the door :applause: ] it really does just seem so incredibly intuitive to have all the mesh displacements contained within the same mesh, as opposed to the app referencing ‘edited copies’ of the said base mesh…
paul: thanks for the quote :thumbsup:


I remember one small developer had a “bribe the programmer” method of adding features. You would make a donation to the development of the app but contingent upon a certain feature being created. I’d probably pay $100 for that feature. If 10 or 20 others were to feel the same way I’m sure it would get the developers attention. . .



nice idea indeed. i for one would be up for putting some cash forward to see a feature such as that :thumbsup:


Frankly I haven’t tried for a long time… but it happened on several test models.

Try this.

Make a basic sphere… View it from the Zaxis… select the center most point… observe the vertex number… export as various formats… import them and select the same vert… observe the vertex number.

If they change, it’s not usable… if not… let me know.


theres no reordering. its just that you might have to do a few things to get it to work.

for example. before exporting out of xsi. make sure that “user normals” are off. this will screw a few things up later on for you. also delete the user normal node when you import back into xsi.
not sure what version of xsi yer using but its true for ver4


Actually part of wings has already been developed under such circumstances. I developed the RWX export support under a similar agreement.

I have already started preliminary work for adding non-destructive, topoligical aware morph support into wings for my own purposes, but I don’t have a set timetable for this as I have been rather busy lately. If your interested, get into conact with me about this and we can talk. (Does CGtalk have a pm system?)



grrr. sorry for db.


Tested this morning w/ 3.01… 20 object tested, and it does reorder…

Then I tested just now w/ my brand new copy 4.0 and yayyyy! no reorder on any objects… I’ll say it again YAYYYY!


This is driving me nuts. I got this all to work a few weeks back, exported my head out of XSI back to Wings, did the targets, brought the shapes in, and everything worked great. I tried again this week to do it with a second character, and everything goes wild when I reimport my modified heads and select the shapes.

And now looking back on the character that it worked with, I brought in all my targets with user_normal_clusters on, and never deleted them.

I started thinking it could be because I merged some objects together in XSI before I went to Wings to do my shapes, and so now there’s no normal_user_cluster on the object before I export it. But even going the whole way through with a simple sphere causes all kinds of weirdness.


Man xzev, sorry to hear that.

I haven’t tried it again since my initial successful test, but it looks to be an inconsistant effort. To be honest, I am getting so comfortable with the modeling improvements in XSI 4, that I am using Wings less and less… Still love it, but XSI is catching up on the modeling workflow.

With some key improvement in future releases, it may exceed the mighty wings completely.


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