Morphs question


Just curious… is it possible to bring in a model from maya that already has its blendshapes made, and then turn the blendshapes into morph maps? instead of having each blendshape as a separate layer/mesh/etc.

this would allow you to take advantage of the awesome feature of editing the original model down the pipe and having everything update…



as Brad said in the interview:

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Ali: Can you explain the morph system in modo?

Brad: The way the morph system works is that we store a lot of data, again pushing things down to the most general level possible. A vertex is just a XYZ coordinate. So a morph, instead of just having a completely separate model file, is represented simply as different positions for those vertices. We can use any of the existing morphs to create a new morph map. We can use the morph tool to apply other morphs on top of any morph using the falloff tools in modo. It’s really quite powerful in this way. Also, because the morph data is stored as embedded vertex deltas rather than separate mesh instances, you are able to make changes to the original base mesh and those changes are propagated through your blend shapes. This is very powerful for Maya customers as they can import an MA file with blend shapes and we convert them into our embedded morph system. From there they are able to edit the mesh at any level, protecting the morph data. When they save the MA file we break the morphs back into the series of linked lend shapes. Nice.


How convenient… thanks :slight_smile:


for people who arent using maya… and are comming from other packages… or just working with modo, and a number of artists…

it would be even better if we could just click on separate objects and drag and drop the objects into our morph map section of an object that we are interested in. and modo would automatically map the vert positions of every selected object to the rest position objects morph map section. and make a separate morph map for each separate object. what would be even MORE killer is if we could have directories in modo for storing morphs, AND if the directories would be made automatic if we had more than one morph that had a specific naming convention like…


modo would look at the EYE part and make a group/directory and store all the EYE morphs into it.:slight_smile: just so you could stay organized within modo.


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