Morph problems


I have a floorplan of a city where each of the buildings is represented by a simple box
(flat), each of the buildings has a Morph Map which extends the building upwards, I want
to control the Morph based on distance to object (Null) is this possible?

I have tried normal displacement using Morph Map as my displacement direction and a
distance to object gradient for the texture, but each corner of the building is affected
separately, and I need the buildings roof to stay level.

Any help much appreciated.


expressions & nulls will do it
you will have to make a null for each building
and apply a null that will lift up ( best to make the max height of 1 meter ) as it get near the camera or object

then add an expression to the null that controls the Endomorph for each building
do this for all the buildings and your done each buildding will have to have it’s own endomorphs for this to work.


I used Channel Follower from Graph_Editor of Morph_Mixer for this example:

If you have many buildings and you don’t want all grow at the same time, make an endomorph to each one and tie them at the same Null with different Time Lag (s):

Here is the scenes if you want to take it a look :slight_smile: :




Sorry for the late reply, just back from my hols.

Thanks both for your help, I guess expressions is the way to go, as my buildings need to raise and fall based on distance to null using the x and z coordinates.

Better start learning expressions I guess.

How about Relativity, would that be easier?




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