Morph Animation


This is just a short animation I recently completed using the mesh morph function in 3dsmax.
It’s a fairly simple animation but I think it turned out interesting. For the morph animation I created up to 6 intermidiate objects for each of the street lamps. I used standard lighting only and the smoke in the background is a simple super spray with facing particles and opacity maps. It’s the first animation I’ve ever posted here so any constructive criticism would be apreciated.:slight_smile:

and the high quality version can be downloaded at

last frame in the morphing sequance at the original resolution


wow, lovely piece of work, I Liked it a lot. How long did it take to render?


Thanks, I’m only sorry that Youtube butchered the image quality. Well at 30 fps 800x600 and the animation length 10 s, it rendered it in 6 hrs. God knows how long it would take to render if I added ray tracing, GI, motion blur and other effects to an animation:sad:. And I have in plan to make a short film of a few minutes, that’s probably gonna take weeks to render:eek:


I thought the quality was excellent, to me it was the imagination behind the concept of the idea that impressed me most of all because that’s where I am also aiming. I woulnd’t worry about the rendering time.

By the time you really want to do a film and have bought yourself a quadcore motherboard with 16 or 32 gigs of memory, you can render what you like in hours. Remember you can bake a lot of the textures you want to have in an animation.

when you work on your own your pipeline is pricedural and linear unlike a studio that has resources to spare. If you plan out your project, you can save yourself months of hardwork. I’m a lazy sod, I like to work smart, not hard. lol


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