morning, nikolai stepanovich (2D)


Privet, Nikolai. Beautiful render, and awesome style!


i really like the treatment on the feathers which is of primal importance to this piece i know but it really pops out and gives the impression of a 3D render witg GI.



that’s just great - I love owls :applause:


___█_█___██████___█_█____██_i love this very much.thumbsup!


I love this image both for quality of the image and veracity of the message. :slight_smile:



I can just imagine his eye twitching and the totally spazzy little tics from being so strung up on coffee…Beautiful and brilliant. Love the work on the feathers and eyes.
HAHA…Slippers…This made my day :slight_smile:


OMG-sh! I love the owl! Owls are my fav. and you totally rocked this piece of work. Hah… I would buy it and hang it on my wall, that’s how much i like it! Hehe


Hey, beautiful illustration of owl!:thumbsup:


:applause: very nice character. i like it.


:slight_smile: He looks exactly like how I feel after watching Holland lose the world cup final!

Great work.

love the style and expression.


I had a good laugh looking at this character! Nice concept, flawless execution!


that is awesome, i’m glad no one here comes to work looking like that, well, except for the coffee mug!


Good job capturing the birth of a new day so very accurately. :wink:


looks fantastic,

love that watercolour feeling.

Any tips on how you went about this?

Great stuff.


Nice job. Just set it as my new wallpaper. :slight_smile:


Freakin Hilarious!!!


Oh that’s great man, for a second there I thought I was looking in the mirror on this dreadful monday morning.


LOL! very nice man… XD


Wow, I love your detail and expression! :thumbsup:

just for fun, since this is an owl, shouldn’t the title be “evening”?


Face expression spot on, and feathers, would love if you can post some mini tut or explain how you went about it.
Only crit is that I’ts quite noticeable that you probably accidentally moved the coffee steam layer of of the edge of the coffee cup so there is gap there, other than that perfect work.