morning, nikolai stepanovich (2D)


Title: morning
Name: Nikolai Tudi
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop
Submitted: 8th July 2010

Hi, this is my first post in the CGSociety (I feel like a virgin), to be honest I almost did not come down crazy when a post picture. And even now the fifth attempt. Well, about this picture - this an indisputable fact of the morning. I would be happy
your comments. Thanks for watching


Morning Nikolai :wavey:

Welcome to CGS. Do not worry, it is a very friendly and helpful community. As for the picture, I really like it my friend. My initial thought when looking at it was actually an oil painting I had seen a long time ago of some animals lined up who also had some cartoony characteristics to them. You did a neat job on those eyes (I love that sunburst orange). There is also a very solid balance of the colours you used here, it is overall a good structured image with nice colours and cool tone of lighting.

Last note: He looks like me when I get out of bed in the morning :love: :thumbsup:


Very expressive…Nice job.


Absolutely frikkin’ hilarious. Love the pose and expression. Only critique is that the rendering is focused (and sharpened) around the eyes, but the coffee cup is very sharply rendered when it doesn’t need to be. IMHO it would look better in with the soft and loose look similar to the clock.
Still, it’s a wonderful image!


Good work! I like the style!


this is just a awesome funny image :slight_smile: love it

i realy like the mix of detailed rendered parts & brushstroke-like parts at the bottom, makes a nice contrast


This is just so cool image! I realy like your style and the colors in you painting :slight_smile:

Realy good work :thumbsup:


I almost shot my drink through my nose - I’m still chuckling at this as I type - that’s hilarious and awesome! Just fantastic - love the style, expression, and of course the concept. Hilarious!


Hi nikolai,
You are a professional for SURE! your work already tell us.
Awesome character Unique and super great rendering AH!!! Very expression

Cool!!! Looking foward to see your work more and Welcome to CGsociety!! The best CG community in the world! Cheers and enjoy in here :smiley:


OMG, bravo expression for details!~


Great character design, I love it :applause:


Greetings, Nikolay!
Magnificent work! I am simple in delight! And it is very ridiculous!

Creative successes!!!


So much funny! Great work!


Artbot Thank you for the criticism you’re absolutely right. It is a pity that I hastily published work. Next time I’ll try to please you in the literacy performance


i like your style … keep it up


nice stylization of colors…lovely character



great work! and so funny:):thumbsup:


Superb! This is exactly how I feel every morning so I totally sympathise with this guy, heh. I really love the way you painted his feathers, it really feels like I can stick my hand into the painting and ruffle them a little. I also really like the way the top half of the image is quite tight and detailed, while the lower half is more loosely rendered in a more gestural style. And I love the fact that he’s wearing slippers, haha!

Fabulous painting, front page for you!


haha!! i lol’d at this really :smiley: . it gives me a creepy feeling in a good way XD . congrats on front page, well deserved.


Haha. Wonderful expression :slight_smile: