Morning before the deadline


Hey guys, im starting a new W.I.P. , along with my work for my portfolio(the Archiv dump). Im gonna detail everything from our room here. It will be a very messy room, a lot of paper, crayons, glue, 3 laptops, 4 desks, 2 racks, models, and a lot more stuff(2 of my colleagues still use crayons to make their projects, i hope they will learn cg some day…). Here are some objects made, an energy drink, some glue, and a cutter. Hope you enjoy the idea and hope i get some C&C.

Updates later on… still have to study for exams…


Cool models look realist enough. Could you post some wire frame pics. Couse with this kind of models people somtimes forget that its part of a bigger scene :stuck_out_tongue: and add alot of polys.



hey, thanks for the reply, i`m glad you like them.

I am very aware of the polygon problem, and ive got my share of experience with it. Fortunately now i have a good computer and i dont worry very much… and when things get though… there are always proxys(beautiful invention).

Here is a wireframe:


The models are looking good, do you have a layout plan of the room or are you going off the top of your head?


guitarmunkee: Thanks for the reply! Well, the actual room exists(i`m sitting in it) and the story is true as well… we had a school deadline a few weeks ago, again… and the room was a disaster that morning.

This is it for tonight, modeled a Rotring Tikky after a long studding day. Hope you enjoy.


Finished the laptop, without the textures… and i textured the redbull can(still have to work a bit on it)! Two more laptops to go!

C&C would be appreciated.


Looks good. Nothing to crit.


Is the lap on wire frame mode, couse i actuly love it this way :stuck_out_tongue:


mister3d: thanks for dropping by, glad you like it.

KingSRS: semi wireframe mode actually, and i`m glad you like it :beer:

Time for a little update… nothing much done, but the pile of the objects is starting to build.

Hope to get some C&C


Hi Alex,

Great to see another project by you! This should be fun - I wanted to do something similar for years now, just never accumulated enough guts to do it…lol. Well, good luck - and for your real life deadlines… I’ll be checking in regularly.



Giom: Thanks for the kind words! Hope to see you here soon again :thumbsup:

Another update:

some kind of weapon(it`s called viper in our country) owned by a paranoiac colegue :shrug: and the base mesh for all the crayons.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed.


Keep it man … very nice models
and i am an architect and i sure know what do you mean :smiley: with “morning before the deadline” :smiley:


farhada: Thanks! Messy stuff, huh? :smiley:

The finished headphone, textured and all, made a logo yesterday aswell(my first work in illustrator, inspired from the Wolrd of Goo game)

High-rez version of the render:

Updates next week, exams :shrug:


wow love your texture work, you got a very good eye.


Very nice start. You never realize how much stuff you have until want to model them. I was going to do a model of my room but I have so many dvds that half my time would be spent texturing the cases.

Can’t wait to see more.


Loving the high detail, I want to see the final piece!
Keep it up!


these are great, especially like the redbull can because i’m addicted to that stuff. good job :buttrock:


beautiful work man :thumbsup:


Ey you do know how to moddel :P, wich software are you using?

PS, i started modeling the same stuff you modeld just to see if im on the same level :P. But my PC and lap-top broke so i had to stop after modeling the Headsets :D. know im just waiting for more of your pieces



Thanks everyone! You make me want to do this even more!

I use 3ds max for modeling.

Three more objects:

An old, big, calculator:

A Str8 sprey can:

A model of a bridge that me and my colleague did for the faculty:

More to come… C&C would be great :slight_smile: