Morgan le Fay, Diane Özdamar (2D)


Title: Morgan le Fay
Name: Diane Özdamar
Country: France

Hi artists :slight_smile: Happy New Year!

This is my new painting, “Morgan le Fay”, based on the Arthurian Legend.

Morgan le Fay was an enchantress who practised lots of sciences and knew how to make poison (the little bottle she’s holding contains poison. The moths are meant to represent the souls of her victims, attracted by poison - you can see some sparkling dust around them, coming from the bottle)

It was meant to be just a lighting exercise at first (I was playing with my wacom and a mirror) but I liked the colours so I’ve decided to turn it into a painting.

Photoshop CS and my wacom

35 hours approx

no real refs used (I’ve just taken a look at some nightshots of streets, you can see them in the WIP thread located HERE ).
I’ve used a mirror as mentionned above. The hand was the hardest part to make, it’s still not perfect (there are some flaws in the painting but I was tired to work on it so I’ve called it done) but I’ve really tried.
The tones are brown and green on purpose, the lightsources are candles (and a little bit of magical light, she’s a sorceress :wink: ) so there’s no real diversity in the colours and the contrast is not very high.

Btw, the internet optimised jpg compression looks very very bad, I’ve lost all the details in this version :frowning: the contrast of the lights was better, the hair was more detailed, the skin had some texture but I can see nothing of that in this version…

lighter version for dark monitors


I hope you’ll like it, crits and comments are very welcome!


like the idea of the skulls on the butterfly, it’s quite haunting, the rest is really good, like the ligher version.


I love the concept, technique, and composition especially on the light one. Spooky scene.:thumbsup:


Excellent work!:thumbsup: I much Lake it! :slight_smile: the details and idea-all super! 5stars-congratulate! :applause: Wait further work from you!


this is good work Diane…there is so much to see and enjoy…brilliant job…:).


Excellent work, Diane! I love the lots of details and the spooky lighting. :applause: Britta


Awesome work on the girl, her details and the butterfly:buttrock:, but I think you could darken the background street a bunch, maybe throw in some purple-ish shadows/hues and maybe boost the contrast on her face just a little and the image would really pop off the screen.


Good work Dianae another beautiful piece for your Portfolio.Is it ENSAD from rue d’Ulm . I’m graduate from Ensad rue d’Ulm I dont know there was a deparment in Orsay . Regards


Nice work…this surely deserves more than 3 stars.


Yup, 4 stars from me even though I want to vote 5 to cancel out some idiot’s vote of 3 or less. The piece is not perfect but I really like the character and the details, keep up the good work.


Beautiful work Diane! 5 stars.:slight_smile:


You might not like the hand, but I think it looks very good indeed, and I like the theme. I think the figure could stand alone with even a plain background or a wall, it doesn’t need anything more than the “spirits” to add sparkle.


Thank you very very much for all your comments artists!
I know that it’s not perfect as I’ve mentionned it in the description, so the 3 stars are not a problem :slight_smile:

Scala : I’m actually in 2nd year at ENSAD from Rue D’Ulm :wink: There’s no department in Orsay, I’m just living there :slight_smile: Merci beaucoup! Btw, I’ve taken a look at your work and I’m very impressed! I still not have had time to leave a comment but I’ll do it very soon :slight_smile:


You Welcome I could congratulate you for your all portfolio. C’est superbe . Tu me diras quelle spécialisation tu penses prendre…J’aime beaucoup Clarthus et Deep see mais aussi sea dancers et alien girl bref tout …alors A+


Je suis en design objet pour le moment :wink:
Thanks again!


I like everything you do, Diane.

In this one I only have a little bit of doubt about how the hand was made. I would have thought that the fingers should be a little bit shorter and the side of the hand a little bit bigger.

But as always - it’s just a detail - I really like all your works !


Great work
Nice mood,her eyes looks great
Love it!


I really love this. Great work Diane!


an eye catching piece and i love the color pallete.incredible details too.keep it coming mate:thumbsup:


hey diane! nice piece once again. it’s good to see you posting once more. :wink: