more than one entry allowed per person?


are we allowed to submit more than one entry for the contest?

thanks, I am a newbie.


You can do multiple entries. However, you can only have one submission to the CGChallenge site and you should keep your entries limited to the same thread on CGTalk.

What people have done in the past is to combine their multiple entries onto one image to be uploaded on the CGChallenge site. For example :

.::STRIKE::.'s entry for the Races of Middle Earth : 3D Challenge

Kirt’s entry for the The Hapless Hero: 2D Challenge (shameless self-promotion :smiley: )

Also FYI - There is a Question & Answer thread started that you should post in if you have any other questions. We like to keep the forum clear of unnecessary clutter.

Hope you have time left to enter … :beer:


Thanks for the info, and sorry for cluttering the wrong post.

I will try and get some time to get some type of entry :slight_smile:



almost forgot- can you tell me how to get my avatar uploaded??

help would be much appreciated,



Look here for forum help Q&A


Thanks for the help KIRT… you the man. So each time, I type a question to you, does that count towards my 20 posts? :slight_smile:

thanks again



Yes, each new thread or reply that you make will increase your post count by one. If you notice your post count suddenly drop, that’s due to forum maintenance. Some older posts are periodically removed from the server (especially true in the WIP forum).

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or post in the Help forum. I imagine this thread will be moved once an Admin finds it.

And welcome to CGTalk :wavey:


thanks (repiled here to build up my post number):slight_smile:


sweet, there’s my pic :slight_smile:


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