More teasing from Arnold?


I’ve just read a review of Arnold for C4D in 3D World, including prices, but you head over to Solid Angle and it says it’s still coming soon. With that and the cmiVFX training, it makes me think there’s an Arnold party going on and I didn’t get the invite.
Anyone know what’s going on?


Don’t worry on these early rushed takes;)

Obviously this guy doesn’t now C4DtoA too well… and even fails to spell my name correctly (talking of rushing things again;))


I’m thinking that this might be a more authoritative source of information:

I’ll be there!


which edition of 3d world? - I just checked the May UK edition, nothing in there…


I really wouldn’t bother, its not worth buying if you are only looking for that single page so-called “review”.


wasn’t going to buy it - just go to the magazine store and read it!


what were the prices btw?


It’s in the June edition and the prices are written as “GBP1,000 , GBP 875, $1300 (per licence or render node)”. What that means exactly, I don’t know.


If it were accurate, it’d mean that the base license would be £ 1,000 for the primary workstation GUI license, and £ 875 for each render node.


For a one-man band with a small render farm like me then vrayforC4D looks like quite the bargain.


Yes, Arnold might be a good renderer but it’s too expensive for freelancers or small studios. I’m also waiting to try it but it looks that with those prices, I’ll have to let it go. Lets see!
Vray is a lot more friendly in that regard, not to mention the $500 price tag for Renderman (C4D plugin in development) and Corona renderer V1.0 scheduled to this year.


That’s surely a typo, since the pricing on is “EUR 1000, GBP 875, USD 1300”


Ouch. THREE TIMES the cost of Octane Render? I don’t see the value.


Hm, lets do some math here:

Octane standalone: 300,-

Octane C4D: 200,-

Octane Maya: 200,-

Octane Max: 200,- (I know theres no Arnold for Max, but lets assume its for Houdini here instead)

Octane Modo or Lightwave: 200,- (As XSI is still in beta, its cheaper currently but cannot be compared to SItoA which is production proven and ready…)

Adds up too 1.100,- Euros… which is more than Arnolds solely price…

But if you don’t see the value, besides comparing Octane to Arnold, which isn’t playing in the same league anyways, then its probably not reasonable for you:) So what was your comment supposed to mean again?


The comment means “Arnold looks to be relatively expensive.” You are correct about this: my math was indeed faulty. Arnold would work out to not triple the price of Octane for C4D but to a bit more than twice the price, if I understand Arnold’s pricing correctly, which perhaps I still do not.

As for “not in the same league,” I cannot say until I have had a chance to compare them. Octane has been a game-changer for me so far. I am looking forward to testing Arnold when it becomes available.


Yeah, strange to compare Octane and Arnold. Even overlooking the fact that Octane is not fully production ready yet (missing features, some kinks to be ironed out still), they depend on different hardware to work. So it really comes down to what you already own or are ready to invest in, and if you can/cannot wait for Octane to become more complete. Comparing Arnold to other fully functional CPU renderers should be pretty easy though, just look at how much it is being used in feature films/television etc.

Regardless, if you’re doing work that needs the quality and flexibility Arnold provides and have already spent money on the CPU power to go with it, then ~1k shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Just include it in your next gig or two’s budget expenses.

Also might be worth noting that Arnold (like most renderers) will utilize GPU power in the future as well.


personally I’d only compare Arnold to Renderman. Anything else is too far off…


Yeah, we’re still waiting for the trial…:wink:


Problem is the next update to Octane is going to have CPU and OpenCL compatibility which means these limitations will be moot. Adding in Octane license costs for Maya etc. isn’t a fair comparison as I doubt many, if any, studios are using multiple pipelines. Factor in that Arnold wants money just to run a render node? Is that correct or am I misunderstanding that? We are either going to implement Arnold or Octane when they finally launch and it’s looking like Octane for us currently. Arnold looks amazing but very comparable in quality and features to Octane.


I still hope that Maxon will improve the built-in renderer so it can compete with these amazing new tools for c4d. The one thing it has that I couldn’t live without is the include/exclude option on the compositing tag. Do any of the renderers so far mentioned fully support that functionality?