More MentalRay shaders!


I have made six new MR shaders:

JS_FacingRatio (with a parameter to reverse the output)
JS_Luminance (color to luminance)

They work like the Maya ones but since they are MR shaders they should work in Phenomenons. :thumbsup:



Thanks again Pixero, you rock my maya.rayrc world:thumbsup:


PS: If someone could help out with my compiling for linux thread, maybe we could get these babies into linux:lightbulb




I know it has been said to you guys alot many times but thanks a lot Pixero,Jozvex and Francescaluce for all the amzing shaders that you guys have given us.It has been a great way to explore the shaders in Mental Ray far better than what Alias has done so far in this regard.


:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
Thank you.


I wish someone would come out with a ramp shader that would take into account for things like Slope for creating landscapes. Yeah I know you can do a projection but it doesn’t account for slope and other landscape type features. That’s one of the few things I miss about LW.


Excellent stuff, Pixero!
Thanks so much for getting these together - much appreciated :wink:



Thanx man that is so cool. Keep up :thumbsup:


Doesn’t the “Snow” shader do just that? Built into Maya?


Pixero they look great, but do you plan to include the source for these so they can be compiled for other platforms?


Two more MentalRay shaders added:


For MR Phenomenon builders.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I´ve added some icons to the Sintesys shaders.


nope… not it


what is Phenomena anyway, and how I can use it. Mentalray docs thats comes with maya is just crap for begginers it only helps the developers, i really wished Alias would change them :banghead: , but can you help me ? a tutorial may sounds great


Phenomenons is basicly a mi file that incorporates a whole shading network into one shader.
You could use it if you come up with a smart shading network and want to re use it several times or share it with others.


Thanks man you are great help :thumbsup:


Three more shaders added.


Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I still need to figure out how to use them since a I am a noob but thank you for thinkin’ about us Mac users!

thanx again!


Nice one, Pixero!
The list and functions keep growing :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your kind input



wow Pixero, I salut you!
very very sweet, plus linux versions too, thank you :bowdown:


…and here´s another one.


This node calculates the incidence angle between the objects normals and one of the available axis.
It can be useful for positioning textures like snow on terrain with one texture on sloped and another on flat surfaces.

These are the availible axis:
+X Axis
+Y Axis
+Z Axis
-X Axis
-Y Axis
-Z Axis
Facing Ratio

It also has Parameters for Bias and Gain to control the position and spread.

Here is a small test using it to drive the blender value of JS_BlendColors with
two file textures as colors.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: