More goodies for subscription users! iray!



That is the most amazing subscription bonus yet. Thanks.


Interesting! Since iRay was demonstrated in max 2012 at siggraph, I wasn’t expecting it showing up in max 2011. Lets see how it goes. :wink:


Yeah, just a huge bonus all around. If I ever doubted the value of a subscription, never again!


Any news on whether PhysX has GPU support?

From what I gather v1 of the plugin did for RBD, then it became CPU only for v2.

Which means PhysX plugins like Orbaz Box#2 don’t benefit from a GPU enabled card for PhysX.




Since PhysX is an Nvidia technology, I’m gonna go out on a limb and speculate that it is gpu enabled:

Edit: I stand corrected.


The interesting thing about all these subscription items is that none of them were developed by autodesk…phys x is Nvidia, Iray is Mental images, and substance is from Allegorithmic…I am not complaining that I get these in my subscription, but it dose make one question weather we will be seeing any innovation from Autodesk at all…seems they just keep piling in plugins that other people develop, is any new development being done at AD with max? Its seems like they did some new stuff for softimage, however, the main thing they did was add lagoa and empoligonizer, again just incorporating in plugins that other people/companies developed … I think they are all cool features, I am really just curious is this their new strategy? Seems like it’s been going that way for the past few releases anyway…


re: PhysX and GPU
There are many pieces to the PhysX puzzle. The piece we’re releasing right now is CPU only. Other pieces are GPU, but we can’t talk about the future.

re: partnering
Is there some problem with bringing the most value to you by partnering? You’d rather we use our resources to create one new thing per release? You realize that if we removed partnering from our bag of tricks, then you’d get about 1/10th the features you’re getting. If that’s OK with you, let us know.

re: innovation
We’re doing that but in places you’re not seeing. By partnering, we find room to innovate where we only we can. There are things that partners can’t do in the core, and that is where we should focus our efforts. BTW, we’ve spent a ton of our resources helping to integrate and design these things, they aren’t just dropped in our laps…


This is a great thing and good to see the word “future” in that statement, hopefully meaning that it will not fall the way of reactor, and hopefully lead to a more unified dynamics system within max. I was a little worried about this, since this implementation has been available 3rd-party since max9. (err for free)


We can also announce an ongoing partnership with nvidia around PhysX. We entered into the partnership a little late to show much results in this pass, but the partnership is significant and on-going. I think you’d be surprised at the number of research threads we’ve kicked off together.

This is specifically to avoid what happened with Reactor. I think we learned our lesson.


That is great to hear, I did notice Softimage has had a PhysX implementation since ICE, I hope that things can edge in this direction :slight_smile: That Lagoa is pretty sexy :smiley:


Oh, it seems they are coming out sometime this month… not just yet. Can’t wait, free tools!


Hi Ken,

I am all for the partnering, and I realize that AD has to spend time and resources to “incorporate” these existing plugins/extensions into the core of max. It is a good thing for the application to have these thing integrated into the core…I have been using max since the DOS days and have been very happy with it over the years…It just seems like over the past few years more attention has been put into…what “already exists” that AD can incorporate into the application, rather than what “doesn’t currently exist” that users could really benefit from. I really miss those days when new innovation was the driving force…and like you said, maybe it’s things that we “can’t see”, but if we can see them how do we know they are there, and how can we get excited about them? anyway, I didn’t mean it as any sort of slam, I am just very attached to max and would love to be blown away again by it being on the cutting edge with new innovation…so maybe a balance between the two…partnership and innovation would be awesome…


But why do you care who creates the innovation as long as it shows up in your favorite product? Do you really care that mental images is working with us to create an optimized iray experience? Isn’t iray fairly innovative? It’s the latest tech for leveraging the GPU, gives you predictable results with almost zero settings? Isn’t that innovation? 3ds Max is one of the first products to bring that experience to you. It’s not a feature of Maya, XSI, Cinema4D, Lightwave, etc.

Your definition of innovation seems to require that an Autodesk employee does something cool. That means ruling out one of the biggest strengths that 3ds Max has - partners who have perfected some workflow or feature that is “the best” there is. How many times have people told us, “why did you do that when you should have just picked up that third-party solution.” 3ds Max has the luxury of having the largest R&D shop in the world - hundreds of partners. Why would we ignore this strength? No other products have such a deep third-party community, we’d be stupid not to leverage it.

The mistake we’ve made in the past is when we brought something in and haven’t structured things to ensure that continuous development occurs. Reactor is a key example. You should be happy to know that the mental images team, the nodejoe team, the npower team, Mr Polyboost (CML), Mr Cloth (Eddie), Hair (Joe), and now Nvidia (PhysX) are committed to long term development with us. All of these people continue to work on making the 3ds Max experience better than it would otherwise be.

You have to remember that we’re a 15 year old product with 300,000 users across a zillion workflows. We’re doing our best to innovate, be competitive and restructure 3ds Max for the future (XBR). This is a very, very busy agenda and we welcome partners to help us achieve it.

You want innovation? Well watch for news about our research around Geppetto - painting believable semi-autonomous crowds with a brush stroke. We’ll be publishing more information in the coming months about this research project. I want to be VERY clear, we’re in research mode and this will be something you’ll find on Autodesk Labs at some point. We’re not talking about an official feature of 3ds Max (which is why I can mention it).


Where do you subscribe?


Nice new stuff for MAX ! Thanks. But I was hoping see the PhysX version running in Max that you showed at Siggraph, maybe later I guess. Anything you can do to provide GPU rendering is smart. Speed is king these days. Finaly I’d hope to see MAX’s realtime vewport output run like or better than Nvidias Supersonic Sled demo someday soon. ; )


I surely hope so ! They are the only ones who can get XBR out the door ASAP, so no waist of resources. See the SAPs as goodies that can make your life easier. And if not…bad luck. Over the years there where only a few goodies that I can use, but they justified the subscription cost completely ! That way I have all my Max upgrades for free :wink: My only gripe is Max’s speed/stability and therefore XBR is most important!


Hehe, we are hearing of this “innovation” a couple of releases already. Gepetto seams cool, but it looks more like a “Duke Nukem Forever” to me. And it’s usage seams pretty limited. Any other examples?
There is nothing wrong with integration of 3rd party tools, when they are developed and integrated well. And while plugins you mentioned are not dead like Reactor, they are mostly developed pretty slow.
Hair and Fur still far from usable in real production. Cloth is really nice, but in terms of usability and workflow it’s pretty-much outdated. Pflow (as integrated solution) looks almost dead. Only Polyboost looks alive, but it’s partially buried because of ribbon shUIt.

So what for Autodesk saved it’s own development power?
Ribbon GUI? Microsoft Office UI (which was removed in last version of Office?) ViewCube? QuickSilver?
Seriously, I cannot come with at least a couple unique and usable features done by Autodesk and not implemented from 3rd party developers in last a couple of releases.


Hi Ken,

That’s disappointing that GPU support is still not in there, especially considering the first release of the Max plugins did actually use it (as far as I recall).

I know that’s nvidia’s responsibility, but it’s frustrating to have kit that isn’t utilised, (see also multi-threading in various other aspects of Max)




I’d have to echo Erka’s comments there - if Hair and Fur was good enough, there wouldn’t be a market for Hairfarm.

It feels like there’s a general stagnation amongst the bought in plug-ins where it feels like since they’re part of the base package they’re allowed to go to seed, or progress at a glacial rate.

If I don’t see Pflow get some love from Autodesk in 2012, I will scream.

edit I wondered how long Gepetto has been on the cards

First demo’d in 2005