MOONSHOT SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


Post on this thread if you are interested in working with a partner/team
on the MOONSHOT FXwar.

Who knows it might be cool to have a Lightwave competing against a Softimage team.!

Anyway, if you are interested just post so people who are looking for teammates can PM you:

What you want to do:


Anyone thinking about getting a team together?
PM me if you like.

 Name:   Sai

Program: Houdini
What you want to do: modeling, abit of texturing and lighting ,compositing


anything but modelling and texturing, can do great PFX…
My 1st time in this challenge… my pfx sample


Name: [font=Arial]Marcelo M. Prado
Programs: 3Ds MAX, After Effects and Photoshop
What you want to do: If some group needs animated effects as particles, lens flare, fire effects, bright of the moon, and things of the type effects in After Effects it can call me. After-production in general. . . I also work with organic modelling and textures. [/font]


Looking for a team

What programs I can use: Cinema 4d, After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas

this would be my first time in a competition…

thanks all.


Sound’s fun. :wink:

Name: Ian Swanson
Program: Blender
What you want to do: Modeling, Animating, Lighting (if any teammate wants to do one of these catagories, then just PM me. :smiley:

  • Ian


I am also looking for someone to join up with for this challenge :slight_smile: More specifically for the REALISM ENTRY.

Name: Kasper Faber Brandt

Program: Maya and Photoshop (ofcourse)

What I want to do: Textures, shaders and take part in lighting. Can help out in animation aswell, especially camera work.

Its also the first time I participate in a challenge. PM me if you want to make a team. This sounds like a great challenge with a big workload!


:thumbsup:Realy its a great,very dynamic challenge...I like it as well as all of cgtalk challenges..Im ready for the Realism Entry and looking for friends.

Name:Alireza Seifi

Programe:3ds max,photoshop,and a little zbrush

What i want to do:I can draw and design.Im in a medium level in modeling and texturing..and my original zoom is on the Lighting and Rendering(if im not wrong)…at least i do team decision…

Special thanks to RobertoOrtiz and all of the cgtalkers

My Alienware Challenge


Hey guys! I’m looking to join or create a team. I’ve got extensive knowlege on Particles, and hard science (realistic physics and modeling coupled together) with spacecraft and realistic space lighting! Anyone interested, please PM me :slight_smile:

Applications: Maya & 3ds max 5-7
PP: Photoshop & After Effects
Experiance in 3d: 9 years.


Actually, this could be really cool…

Name: Clive

Programs: Maya, PRman, Shake, Adobe whatever, and hopefully houdini this quarter.

admiraligor: It would be cool to team up with a particle guy, since i am really not that great at PFX. I am a modeler/shader guy with about 6 years in 3d so far. I am either gonna do Maya/PRMAN or houdini/mantra/prman (if i learn houdini this quarter). I worked at the NASA goddard space flight center doing sci-vis, so i am pretty down with the whole science aspect.
Some examples:



interested in teaming up ? I am also learning houdini so I don’t wanna use maya for this project.I can do modeling , texturing and abit of lighting.


any body ?


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