Hi there,

I am new to messiah but I follow this forum with enjoyment for some time now. I did a work for sport club and I would like to know what you guys think of my picture. This is for an event called “swimm at night”. I modled a moon which has his little lamp and a floating tire (ready to swim at night).
I know it needs some improvement in shading and lightning

one strange thing is: I have put a point light into my lamp ( to make it shine) and the floating tire has some highlights because it gets lit. I used BasicShader on the moon and it seems like it gets not lit by the point light… maybe this is just a setting problem…

… but anyway… comments and critics are welcome




I wouldn’t look at it and think “moon” though - mostly because his shape (or her) varies from the crescent form quite a bit, looking a bit too soft and - err - sperm-like at the bottom.
The shading looks great though - a nice translucent feel without being overdone.


thanks dobermunk for your reply…
funny thought with the association of a sperm :). And indeed if I would round up the top of the had… haha…

But this was meant to be some sort of comic style… but nice suggestion to sharpen the crescent and make ist not looking so smooth could be a good idea…

I also though of some glow :sad: but did not find a way to get this done with messiah… if anyone has a hint…

maybe with some particles … but haven’t played with particles yet…


i agree. the shape doesnt read as moon. i think it needs to be more crescent like and maybe hint at some craters or something. it looks like a sperm KKK member.


Very nice. Love to see any updates on this. I like the aneamic look and eyes, expression is good. To get the general shape exactly right could be very tricky!


Thanks for all the comments :thumbsup:

Indeed it is very tricky to adjust the shape. I did some changes discarded it… started over again… and here is a new version.

tell me what you guys think …


Try to change the angle of the Moon so it reads more from its side, or make it completly seen by the side… this will definatly help reading it as a Moon.

Be creative with the position of the other elements, in case of doubt of how to place those… turn off all lights and read the silhouete of it, if you can read well what all the elements are in a silhouete for sure that you have a nice Pose then hit render :smiley:

The fingers right now are a bit relaxed, tighten them a tad more so they really show they are grabing something.


try to flatten the moon out with luminous surfacing and treat it as a light emitter to kind of get away from the 3D shape. the reason for that is that the crescent shape is something we grew accustomed to from illustrations and even when its in the sky you cant really appreciate the roundness as much since it gets flattened. just my 2 kopeiki

it would probably help to put some wispy clouds as if the moon is sitting on them or something. again to kind of give the viewer a hint. maybe some hints of craters too. very subtle :slight_smile:


Thanks for replies… Yeah, I kind of thought showing the moon from the side and make it a little 2D like but then it comes to my mind that these perspectives are boring… So I wanted to make him kind of look into the camera… and this is hard to read as a cresent… since the cresent is actualy just a projection…

@stooch: I like the idea of making some clouds, and also him iluminate. Since I coming from LW and I am very new to messiah. I did not find some way for clouds ( no hypervoxels :shrug: )… and no option for glow :shrug: .

I agree the whole Image is too clean…

Subtel craters sounds cool too… so I need to find out displacement drawing…

@sil3 : thanks for the tips … I will turn down the lights and see what I can read… And I will spend some time in adjusting the grab of the hand…

But maybe someone of you could answer me that BasicShader question…
I used BasicShader for shading the moon and not for the floating tire.
I have placed a point light into the lamp… The floating tire is floodlit by the point and you see some light spots. And the moon looks like there is no light source in the lamp… is BasicShader only working with Spotlights?


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