Moon Scouts



Silent space.

Corporations send out technicians, scientists and operators…all together now astronauts.
Operating with a scout vehicle, composed of two machines.
Exploring moons for minerals and artefacts.
Scanning areas worth to extract…deconstructing little planets…

Two parts

  1. The basis vehicle includes antenna and scanning device.
  2. The little one…useful for discovering the near environment.

I really enjoyed doing this artwork.
I immerged in the worlds of Syd Mead and movies like 2010…long shots of Planets and floating spaceships. Just silence…

High Resolution:

Used drawing utilities: color pencil for the design sketches of the vehicle.
Photoshop for painting.

The contest ends…
Enjoy this wonderful summer…there is a world out there :slight_smile:



Good job, man. Beautiful work. Love your color. Good luck!:buttrock:


Hey man…thank you for your luck :slight_smile:


Agree - beautiful work!


Yes indeed nice view. I love atmosphere and colors (in moon ? :slight_smile: ) wicked design too…


Well executed, beautiful piece.


Amazing Concept! Your mood, colors and vehicles are superb. This is wonderful! I would love to see a high resolution version. Congratulations and good luck!


thank you :slight_smile:

yes…unfortunately the resolution here is pretty low.
anyway, good enough for the impression of the whole picture…the mood and soul.

hm…may be i can post a high resolution one in the portfolio area here on cgsociety.
i am new…so i have to check it out.


this is pro dude!! and I like your other version too. I think you re going to win someting. good luck


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