Moon Key, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Moon Key
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

Here is my latest picture.
In this one I didnt try to reach realism, my aim was just to get something with style, charming and elegant.
Everythings done with 3DS MAX 8, rendered using mental ray and textures are all hand painted with photoshop.
Hope you’ll like it.


Beautiful…her serene smile is really intriguing. Well done.


No words !
again a perfect work…
i like her clothes… (i like her too :stuck_out_tongue: )
looking cool :thumbsup:


Great modeling and texture !!! i like her very much 5 stars :bounce:


As always excellent piece of art! pose is realy good.


Wonderful. Very natural look. And sexy. But there is one thing that really is irritating me. The color of the clothes. Saturation and Brightness are too strong for my liking. Every time i look at the picture I see the cloths first and then the character. Should it not be reverse? Anyway great work!
Do you have some other shots? Would be nice to see.



Yay… I have been waiting for this one, from your avatar right? Looks fantastic, I think you have a really nice atmosphere this time! Nice expression too, congrats! *****


Wow. She is so beautiful. I like her :-). Great work.
5 stars.


Amazing work, you should enter her in the miss digital world contest or something. Lovely facial expression, almost a bit elf like.


another 5 star work . good luck


very very good. 5 stars


Very Very Very Beautiful,***** :thumbsup:


great work! the modeling as well as the lightning is awesome!
keep up the good work.


…well made, compliment :wavey:
(…looks like paintwork from Linda B. :slight_smile: :thumbsup: )




Elegant and beautifull model, nice, very nice…


excellent (4.5/5) … on the frontpage please ! :thumbsup:


You just don’t know when to stop, do you :thumbsup: ?


just great as always !


wow this is realy great i suggest that yo sould make a tutorial for us …she is so beautiful man.


As the other, I saw her with your avatar,
great to see you posting her…
Amazing like always!!