monstrorama, vincent guibert (3D)


Title: monstrorama
Name: vincent guibert
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Would monster look some afraid human film if they had a cinema ?
I don’t know…

This picture was a very long process.It start with only one monster (the blue one) but it was obvious it needed more and more monsters. It was really fun doing them,
I hope you’ll like it.

A picture with bigger resolution can be found here

Here’s a little picture of some details and a better view of background monster without depth blur :


nice, they’re cute!


I agree with tecsun.

Cute characters Vincent.


Very nice work!!


Vraiment exellent !! comme d’ hab !


Very cute!!

I love the transparent guys, how you can see their popcorn and cinema ticket through their lil jelly body :smiley:

  • Ty


hahaha, brilliant! i love the guys, so much character in them!


Lovely work Vincent, great characterization!


LOL, my nephews love them!


thanks everybody for comments.

@largil : love your train inspired by bilal

@michael : Hello. To bad to see you had no time to do your bmovie entry.


Hey Vincent,
I’ve been following your thread in the WIP 3D Stills for a while, and this final image is fantastic! I’ve loved every minute of your creative monster ideas :smiley:
Cheers bro! :beer:

Michael van den Bosch,
I am also very sad you didn’t get to finish your B-Movie entry,
as I was following it as well, I thought it was a great and hilarious idea, can’t wait till next time!


I like the fact that there’s a lot in the image to see. So you can keep on looking and still see new things.


Très bon… mais j’ai envie de dire comme d’hab! :wink: je voit pas trop quoi reprocher a ton travail tellement c’est imprégner d’humour, un vent de fraicheur en tout cas :cool:, le rendu est excellent mais on sait tous que ca vient de vray :drool:
bon une affection particulière pour le flan vert… et le gros monstre a deux dents plus au fond… ha celui qui n’a que des yeux tentacules qui ressortent est bien aussi… :slight_smile:

keep the good works!

see you.


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