Monster Trio, Mark Hansen (2D)


Title: Monster Trio
Name: Mark Hansen
Country: Australia
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Here’s a a piece i did that was inspired by seen some old drawings i did when i was about 10-12yrs.
It crossed my mind how they would look if i was to draw them again knowing what i know now. It was originally meant to be a speedpaint /loose strokes piece but i ended up rendering them in more detail. I tried to show a different textures with all three of them.’ I wonder what kind of adventures Fuzzclaw, Pudgee and Dohgo wil get up to today?’ …:confused:


Interested character!! :slight_smile: Cool design and keep it up.


I like their sillouettes and their individual textures. The furry one has my favorite texture. You really got the sense of fur through the brush strokes and color patches, rather than defining the fur itself. I like the look of the gooey monster the most, but he could use an extra hightlight in his eyes (kind of flat). But their facial expressions do have good character and expression. This is a very strong concept piece good for any character/creature portfolio. Keep it up. Great job.


great job!!


Funny and very well painted. Great work, brother! :thumbsup:


Fun design and great colors , cool picture :wink:


Cool characters! Your style is Great!


I love these! And it’s so neat that they were inspired by your childhood drawings. I recently had a similar experience when sorting through some of my old things.



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