Monster Mash - A Tool for Casual 3D Modeling and Animation


Ok, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi again. Thank you for adding the animation export option to the web-based tool. It works great!
I greatly admire all your hard work on this project and really appreciate you considering our feedback. It’s really exciting to hear that you have so many solutions planned for the future! I look forward to following your progress and testing out each new iteration as they become available. Please keep pushing forward. I really love your product! Congratulations on achieving these first steps on such an amazing piece of software.


Hi there, saw this on 2 minute papers, great work. I used the web demo and but could not find the option to export the animation to glTF. Will this option be there soon?


Try to press the Animate button and then click on the Export animation as glTF which is located in the sub-menu of Save button.


Hey sykorad

This looks great & is a lot of fun! Also the yt videos you made are very well done & helpful.

I was looking into the commercial licensing issue you mentioned. I pulled down the triangle lib and it seems the copyright is on the triangle lib itself, but mentions nothing of the models/files generated from it, so presumably that should be all fine. Note that I am not a copyright lawyer etc.

Iv pasted the relevant portion of the liscense below:

Distribution of this code as part of a commercial system is permissible ONLY BY DIRECT ARRANGEMENT
WITH THE AUTHOR.  (If you are not directly supplying this code to a
customer, and you are instead telling them how they can obtain it for
free, then you are not required to make any arrangement with me.)


Mr Sykora I love this program, it’s perfect, however would it be possible to implement a line tool or a curve tool to make drawing a bit easier so you could lift your hand, because sometimes it’s difficult to outline the drawing template. A sort of vector tool that allows you to click in multiple strokes to form the shape.


Mr Sykora I love this program, it’s perfect, however would it be possible to implement a line tool or a curve tool to make drawing a bit easier so you could lift your hand, because sometimes it’s difficult to outline the drawing template. A sort of vector tool that allows you to click in multiple strokes to form the shape.




This program rules

I love how all the shapes come out so natural and have the handdrawn form!.
As an illustrator mainly this tool clicks so much with me.

I think as a modelling tool its even cooler than an animation tool … you can draw almost anything with a bit of imagination, plants , clouds , trees , all types of animals , even cartoony cars.

i made a small animation , ALL OBJECTS are created with monster mash almost untouched. just remeshed and textured etc. it looks very cute and really has a hand crafted miniature feel to it which monster mesh gives instantly.

not the greatest animator but i think it still shows off monster meshes potential for kids animation and illustration.

hope you like it

also made a first video where i just try out your tool and just create different things and a little underwtaer scene.

i couldnt be more greatful ,

i will buy the full version asap when you realease it !


I am planning to use this tool to add some animations to kid stories that I read. It looks really amazing, and it has a great potential. I have a question: is there a way to import an existing clipart, and animate it without the need to draw something from scratch? If this is not available, then maybe it will be a good idea to add a tracing feature that can trace a drawing automatically, then animate it. What do you think?

Thanks again for creating such an amazing tool.


Another speed art with monster mash and blender.

Im super in love ,

its so powerfull to anyone who can draw at least a little bit (like me lol) ,

about 1.5 hours from concept to finish , rendered with eevee

i didnt know what to do today so i just scribbled something together like you normally would just scribble with pen and paper sometimes …

normally when i open 3d software i immediatly feel pressure and my time running up lol , with monster mesh its like playing and just having fun


Thank you goku21 for those beautiful examples! We are very much excited you like MM and that it makes a nice fit into your artistic workflow. We look forward to see more of these!


Hi mzeid, thank you for your interest in MM1 What you’d like to do is doable although not very user-friendly. Try to save an existing project and then open the resulting ZIP file, you will see couple of PNG files which you can modify using your existing shapes update the ZIP and upload it again to MM.


Hi Liam, please, try the approach I just described to mzeid. That could allow you to input the shape using external tools. We have all those extension on our TO DO list, however, it may take time to implement all of them so that this a bit provisional solution would hopefully work for you.


Thank you Benedict for your point! I’m also not a lawyer, but I think to be really sure I’d recommend to ask Jonathan Shewchuk about this option. In future we plan to integrate TriWild which is under MPL2 license, i.e., free for commercial use.


Can someone help me figure out how to get rid of the “animation marks” (the dots that I don’t know what to call) after I finish my thing?


There is a menu with options (see image). There you can untick “Show control pins”.


When I try to upload image template, the image never shows up, even when the boxes for show image template are checked. Could this please be fixed since I use monster mesh to draw shapes that I could not recreate in blender?


Hey Daniel, made another one with Monster Mash as base. but this time i really hit the limits and had to do quite a bit of sculpting on top in blender.

But it was still a completely straightforward process, going from sketch/layout directly to the 3d scene without all the checks you normally need and all the additional deformation and tuning yout have to apply to characters. While retaining all the irregularities of a 2d drawing (without mirrored gemometry etc.) becasue its bacially still a traced pencil drawing.

Little higher geomtry output could have helped me here, i guess the real software will have a slider for polygon resolution?

Hope you like it.

Any way to get a beta of the real thing(the one shown in your youtube videos) ? :D:D:D


Thank you all for your questions, comments, artworks & animations! We’d like to encourage you to continue in discussion on See you there!